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Handicap fight offer for Jake Paul after Muhammad Ali comparison

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World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman believes Jake Paul could turn the hatred of him by boxing around as Muhammad Ali did.

Many boxing fans despise Paul, who likes the purity of the sport and proper pugilists to engage in combat.

That’s not what the ex-Disney star is about. He’s been accused of looking around for the easiest option to put together one of the weakest Pay Per View records ever known in the sport.

Jake Paul – the faux boxer

Nonetheless, the faux boxer seems to have found a friend in the WBC President, who has presented the vlogger with meaningless titles for nothing achievements.

Speaking to about Paul, Sulaiman said: “People did not like Muhammad Ali. Half of the people who watched Ali fight at the time wanted him to lose.

“And today, Muhammad Ali is regarded as the greatest athlete in the history of humanity.”

A bit of a stretch by Big Mo to compare Paul to Ali – even in this day and age. The praise comes on the back of Carl Froch tearing Paul and his brother a new one each.

The ex-super-middleweight champion told William Hill’s Stripped Podcast that he would like to smash Jake Paul and WWE wrestler Logan.

“If I could have one last fight, it would be Jake Paul. I’d absolutely smash him to bits, easy,” said Froch before moving on to Paul’s method of finding his next PPV prey.

“But he’s not stupid, Jake Paul. He’s a clever guy. He’s switched on and picking his opponents wisely.

Jake Paul chooses opponents carefully

“He thinks he can fight. He’s talking absolute nonsense on his Instagram and YouTube channels to all his followers and got them all believing that he can fight.

“But he’s not fought one professional boxer because he knows to stay away from the professional sport of boxing.

“Jake Paul can’t fight. He’s pretending. But he’s conning people. He’s got his audience. I don’t begrudge him – he’s making money and doing what he’s doing. But he’s not a professional boxer.

“He knows not to come anywhere near me. He’s bigger than me, he’s 14 stone, he’s younger than me, he’s fresher, and he thinks he can fight.

“I wouldn’t even train for this guy. I’d do a little bit of training. I might do the odd little run to get the heart beating, but I’d take Jake Paul to school and hammer him.

“He knows it. He wouldn’t fight me. No chance.”

Carl Froch vs Paul brothers – a handicap boxing match

Turning his attention to Logan, who was carried the distance by Floyd Mayweather, Froch added: “I’d fight him and his brother on the same night.

“What they could do is take it in turns so that Jake can do round one, Logan can do round two. So they’re having a four-minute breather between rounds.

“It’s never been done. It’s exhibition boxing. I’d take them both on.”

Paul is yet to face a professional boxer despite constantly stating his desire to win actual belts in the sport. If he doesn’t face somebody in the top fifteen, never mind just someone holding a pro license, he’ll never get anywhere near.

But Paul knows this, so he continues to do what he will do this Saturday night again.

“It’s certainly a shame the Tommy Fury fight didn’t happen,” said Froch. “Tommy Fury is a novice pro. He didn’t have an amateur career and is still a professional boxer.

“He’s a decent fighter, he’s got balance, so it’s a shame that fight didn’t happen.

“But it would have been an even bigger shame if Jake Paul would have beaten him and said, ‘I’ve just beaten a professional fighter.'”

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