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Defry Palulu throws hat into the ring for Charly Suarez

Indonesia’s best fighter Defry Palulu has come out and given his take on the recent deeds of Philippines’ freak talent Charly Suarez, in the hopes that his words will land him on a collision course with the celebrated Philippines champion.

Suarez already has the reputation as being both the most skilled and the most avoided fighter in Asia, and courtesy of his three gold medals in the South Asian games, his victories over boxers like Oscar Valdez and Joe Cordina, and his legendary tussle with Vastl Lomachenko as an injured 21 year old in the amateurs – the adulation seems justified!

Defry Palulu is a hard hitting southpaw with a 25 and 2 record, and has experienced only one loss in the last 9 years. This loss was highly controversial to say the least, split decision defeat that was later put to bed by the proud fighter in a rematch.

Palulu is highly esteemed in Indonesia, and is classed as one of his country’s best ever since the days of the mighty Chris John.

The heavy handed southpaw champion was slated to defend his WBC regional belt back in 2020, but was later stripped due to inability to do so during country lockdown. Ironically, his listed opponent was a fledgling pro named Charly Suarez, and this clearly has left Palulu with a sense of mild resentment.

At the time, it was well publicised in media that Palulu was confident of dismantling three fight pro Suarez, and to this day, he still remains optimistic about that same task:

“Charly Suarez has done very well in his career so far, but I feel I am now a stronger fighter than i was back in 2020, and I just know he hasn’t yet fought someone of my ability. I am hearing that he is the best in Asia at 130, some say even in the world, but I am confident that I have the power to hurt him and slow his fast hands.

I have been in with many amateur style boxers before, and it always ends the same way for them!” warned the man aptly tagged “the Unseen Hammer” !!

Commenting upon Suarez’s WBA and national title win in Manila last weekend, Palulu was respectful yet blunt with his assessment:

“A lot of people were excited for the Magali v Suarez fight.

Magali is a beast for sure, but he has slow feet, and he spent all the night chasing Suarez. It was a good performance from Charly Suarez, but all I see is an amateur dancing with slow fighters!

Magali failed to cut the ring off, and Suarez was on a bike.

I have watched a few of his fights now and there is no improvement – the guy has zero power, so I don’t see how he will compete with a top 10 fighter.”

“I now have three fights since the lockdown, and know that I am even better than what I was before.

I am chasing exactly the same titles that Suarez is after, but I really don’t know how he can be taken seriously in world rankings if he refuses to fight me.

He doesn’t have the tools to keep me off him, he can’t hurt me, and he definitely can’t outwork me.”

“I am aware that I am in a shortlist of fighters to fight for the IBF title in December with Suarez, and if he is serious about being a world champ, then pick me – as I am his ticket. From what I hear, nobody wants any part of Suarez, the Australian, the Japan and even I’m hearing America. And from what I see, I am the only guy that has called the amateur out, to expose him in the pro ranks!

But I will make a prediction, that based on what I have seen recently of Suarez, not only will I damage his hopes of a world title, I will do some serious damage to his body also.”

The Grand Ho Tram will host a mega international event in Vietnam on December 10, which will showcase the number one fighter from various countries, and will be headlined by WBO and IBF title matches.

Charly Suarez will fight for the IBF Asia 130 title with a soon to be named opponent.

The show will be co-promoted by Vietnam’s Cocky Buffalo and VSP Promotions – two companies which also operate Boxing and Fitness centres in Ho Chi Minh City.

The card will consist of 4 regional belt bouts, and four exhibition contests where high ranked foreign fighters will touch gloves with Vietnam amateur youth champions.

The event will be conducted under the auspices of “Boxing Vietnam” , who will be the presiding commission for the IBF and WBO titles.