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Common myths about boxing

Boxing is one of the most popular sports and martial arts, in which athletes strike each other on the body in special gloves. The period of the fight is called a round, in general, there are 12 of them per game. The victory is determined only after one of the participants after the blow, can not get up in 10 seconds. Due to the fact that this sport is very old, there are many myths associated with it. Therefore, to your attention, the most popular myths about boxing.

Women have no place in boxing.

This myth is quite popular among our population, although it is very easy to dispel. There are many great female boxers around the world who are very impressed with their great achievements in this sport. Boxing can replace a person a lot of simulators that women often use in gyms. For example, each round is equal to a heavy cardio workout. Also, boxing is beneficial in self-defense because you can easily resist any attacker thanks to training. Scientists who conducted the research noticed that during sparring, a lot of negative emotions are released, and a person feels very easily.

During boxing, a woman loses her femininity and her female figure.

This myth is also very easy to dispel because during training you do not pump muscles, but only tone them. Boxing is not at all different from a classic trip to the gym.

Boxing pumps only certain parts of the body

Not true, each workout covers a set of exercises to tone the muscles of the whole body. At each workout, the athlete warms up, stretches, and pumps the whole body. The point of boxing is not just to hit a punch!

Boxers are extremely aggressive.

This myth was invented by people who have never boxed and judged only because they saw it on TV. Before you start training, everyone is given a list of rules that can not be violated, because we are not on the street, where you just need to hit wherever you can hit. A real boxer controls his actions as much as possible and does not break the rules. If you saw aggressive boxers in the ring who were negligent of the rules, I can assure you that they will no longer be athletes.

Boxers do not know how to think

You can often hear from people: “In this boxing, you can beat all brains and remain stupid”

People become stupid only because they have no desire to develop and move forward.

In boxing, as in any sport, tactics, and intelligence are important. Before each fight, players analyze their opponents and study their weaknesses. Usually, this is done by specialists, but the player can never guess the actions of the opponent, and this makes him constantly think and make a strategy for the fight.

Betting on boxing is dangerous.

This myth is spread by people who lost money because they did not analyze the players and did not think about how and where to make these bets. On the Internet, there is a list of new casino sites in the UK in 2022 that have a casino minimum deposit. This gives you a very good chance to win money and dispel this myth among your friends.

After boxing, a high level of head diseases.

This myth was invented based only on their own opinion and anecdotal stories of boxers because during training boxers wear special protection that completely protects their head from blows. Every month, athletes undergo a medical examination, where they must undergo an MRI. Only fully healthy players are allowed in the ring to fully prevent players from problems. Stories of deaths and diseases occurred only because of inaccurate blows from the opponent. Therefore, coaches work on the accuracy of their wards.

Boxing, the most traumatic sport

It seems so only at first glance because we see only an extremely large number of blows that are inflicted on a person. In fact, each of the sports is traumatic and all of them are the same. For example, playing football you can easily break a leg or tear a ligament. During boxing, a person can get bruises, bruises, and cut wounds, but they will heal over time. Players wear special mouth guards on their teeth, which fully protect them.

I hope I managed to dispel these myths, and reveal to you the whole truth about how this sport is built. Don’t be afraid to do boxing, as it will help you improve your physical fitness and teach you to think a couple of steps ahead.