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A brief history of boxing: origins and interesting facts

Believe it or not, the history of boxing, along with that of gambling, goes deep into human history. Boxing is now a world famous sport, catching the attention of millions of fans all over the world. In this respect, online casinos offering 500 deposit bonus are just as popular as this fascinating sport.

In fact, the earliest documented history of boxing goes back to 3000 BC in Egypt. Mention of boxing is also found in Homer’s Iliad during the funeral ceremony of Patroclus, where “prizefights” were held during the ceremony, but where exactly did boxing originate?

If you’ve ever wondered about the origins of the world’s most popular combat sport, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for a quick lesson on the history of boxing and some interesting facts that might just blow your mind.

Where did boxing come from?

Boxing is one of the oldest sports known today: 2,000-year-old images on tomb walls in Egypt and stone carvings indicate that the Sumerians who lived in what is now Iraq practiced boxing at least 5,000 years ago. Boxing originated as a gruelling and violent spectacle.

In ancient Greece, two men would sit face to face, with their fists tightly wrapped in strips of tough leather. They would then strike each other until one of them fell to the ground unconscious or, worse still, died. Roman fighters or gladiators, on the other hand, fought with the primary intention of killing their opponent by putting metal-covered leather straps over their fists. However, boxing was soon abolished, around 393 AD, as it was deemed too savage.

Boxing did not reappear until the early 16th century in London. The English aristocracy showed great interest in recovering the knowledge and traditions of antiquity, so boxing became a means of settling disputes between wealthy people. Wealthy patrons supported their boxers and bet heavily on their fights. It was here that the term ‘prize fighters’ was coined.

Jack Broughton, the reigning champion from 1734 to 1758, was the first to open a boxing school. He also helped formulate the first set of boxing rules and was the inventor of the forerunners of modern boxing gloves. When boxing moved across the sea to America in the early 19th century, it was not very popular – until Theodore Roosevelt became a supporter. Since then, boxing has continued to grow in popularity in the same way that top casino bonuses UK in gambling venues have become increasingly popular today, and guidelines and rules were developed to protect fighters, making boxing the sport we all know and love today.

Interesting facts about boxing

Now that you know how boxing originated, let’s find out some interesting facts about boxing!

The official name of boxing

Believe it or not, the official name of boxing is actually not boxing, but pugilism. Pugilism means “the practice and skills of fighting with fists”.

There are two forms of boxing

Did you know that there are two forms of boxing, amateur and professional? Amateur boxing, which became an Olympic sport in 1908, consists of three to four rounds, very different from the twelve rounds of professional boxing. The fighters wear protective headgear to reduce the risk of head injury and certain punches are forbidden, such as:

  • On the back of the head;
  • below the waist;
  • on the back.

Professional boxing, on the other hand, excludes any form of protective gear. Punches are prohibited in the same way as in amateur boxing.

The most expensive fight

The most expensive fight in boxing history took place on 3 May 2015 between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Floyd won by unanimous decision of the judges. His fee was an impressive $120 million, while Manny received $80 million for the fight.

The shortest boxing match

It took fighters Michael Collins and Pat Brownson four seconds to determine who was the strongest. Collins won, making it the shortest boxing match of all time. In fact, it was so short that the fight can now be found in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The invention of mouth guards

A London dentist named Jack Marles invented the very first mouth-guard for boxers in 1902. The mouthguards were designed to be worn during training to protect the fighters’ teeth. Welterweight fighter Ted “The Kid” Lewis became the first boxer to use one of these protective mouthguards in the ring in 1913. The mouthguards have since become quite popular and have gained huge recognition in boxing.


Boxing has come a long way since the days of the good old gladiatorial fights. Today, people of all ages love boxing and it is not only a great sport, but also a great way to get in shape. If you want to improve your health and get in the best shape of your life, consider a boxing class.