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Anderson Silva admits boxing flaws, denies Jake Paul money grab

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Former UFC legend Anderson Silva has admitted his boxing flaws while denying he’s facing Jake Paul simply for the money.

Silva will be 47 and a half when he fights a YouTuber 22 years his junior next week. The 3-1 fledgling boxer is a slight underdog with the bookmakers only due to Paul being the event organizer.

Any other day of the week, and if he were even five years younger, the odds would be firmly stacked in Silva’s favor.

Can Anderson Silva knock Jake Paul out?

But right now, the Brazilian is a combat dinosaur. It’s questionable if he has enough left to keep up with a gymgoer who looks the part, even if he’s bereft of fundamental pugilistic skills.

Discussing the challenge facing him, Silva knows his own technique in boxing is not all it could be after years in MMA.

“It’s different because you have seven different disciplines in MMA. But for boxing, I’m just training for boxing,” said Silva.

“I need to train more with my footwork, the position of my hands. But I’ve been training for boxing for many, many years. So it’s something I’m comfortable doing.

“Every single fight, you have different things you train for. Every fight is different. For this fight, I’m training to fight a boxer.

“The most important thing going into this fight is my experience. My experience is something that Jake doesn’t have.

“I love this challenge. That’s the secret to me. I go into this fight to prove my respect to the boxing community.”

Substandard PPV product

On the criticism Paul faces from the staunch boxing media who would rather see real boxing than vloggers trying to sell a substandard PPV product, Silva added: “There’s a lot of people who are saying Jake is no good, he’s not as good a striker.

“But to me, the fight is a fight. I’m training hard to win this fight. I’m not looking at this as an easy fight for me.

“Every single fight is dangerous once you step through the ropes.

“I’m not going to lose. Nothing will affect my legacy. I’ve worked hard for many years to do something like this for my fans.

“This is one more fight – one more challenge for myself, but this won’t affect my legacy and career.”

Money grab

Concluding on suggestions that he needs the money after earning far less in MMA than he would in boxing, Silva stated: “I don’t need the money anymore.

“People think money is important, but it’s not. Of course, I will make money from this fight because It’s my job.

“Don’t do something just for the money. Work because you have a passion. That’s what I’ve done and why I’ve been successful all my life.”

Silva intensified his training camp from September through October. But from Monday, when fight week begins, both participants will wind down their efforts and be ready for Saturday night.

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