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Does Manny Pacquiao’s legacy really exceed Floyd Mayweather?

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World Boxing News examines the argument between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s legacies.

Mayweather’s legacy doesn’t stand up to career rival Pacquiao, according to a legend, a heavyweight, and a top-tier coach.

Ex-pound-for-pound king Mayweather has seen his name and achievements below rival Pacquiao by some in the past.

Who has the best legacy, Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao?

But is this really down to his achievements, or can his persona be unlikeable sometimes?

Former boxer and trainer Buddy McGirt put Pacquiao above Mayweather when discussing their achievements.

On the back of Bernard Hopkins doing similarly, the respected trainer and all-round boxing legend Buddy McGirt followed.

McGirt’s words echoed those of Hopkins despite the fact Mayweather defeated Pacquiao via unanimous decision when they fought in 2015.

Following an unfortunate sparring session between Ivan Redkach and Gervonta Davis, McGirt told Elie Seckbach: “I’d say the eight-division champion because it’s something you will always be remembered for,” when asked whose ring tenure he prefers from Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

“You still got a lot of money. You don’t have a billion dollars [like Floyd Mayweather]. But you got something your kids and grandkids could remember.

“It’s a legacy, something that lives on forever,” he added.

Mayweather won’t be happy that another top figure in boxing has put a man he beat relatively easily above him.

‘On his own terms’

When he spoke to Ring Magazine, Hopkins already did some damage in that department.

“I’d rather have Manny Pacquiao’s legacy than Floyd Mayweather’s,” said Hopkins. “Manny fought everybody. Floyd fought guys [on his own terms].

“Also, I don’t think Floyd gave two you-know-whats about how people feel whether he fought the best guys or not. It was strictly business for Floyd.”

Mayweather took his impressive record to 50-0 and never wavered from facing the best during his comeback years from 2012 to 2015. He tailed off at the end with Andre Berto and Conor McGregor.

However, Floyd did beat more world champions than Pacquiao by a score of one.

Floyd Mayweather beat the champs

Speaking about that record before “Pac-man” retired in 2021, Mayweather was sure his career rival would overhaul that benchmark.

“See, they say, ‘the great must fight the greats.’ Well, look in the history books. You’ll see nobody beat more world champs than Floyd Mayweather,” he told

“Even with that being said, Pacquiao eventually probably would [beat that record]. But guess what? Pacquiao was a professional before me.

“With everything he has accomplished. Hopefully, he’s made some smart investments.”

It didn’t happen, even with Pacquiao beating Thurman in their 2019 Las Vegas bout. The Filipino superstar ran out of contests in the end.

However, British heavyweight Dillian Whyte agreed with Hopkins’ sentiments about Floyd.

‘The Body Snatcher’ accused the 43-year-old of ‘cherry-picking’ his opponents.

Cherry picking

“A lot of guys cherry-pick, Like Floyd Mayweather with Conor McGregor. We all knew Floyd would beat McGregor,” Whyte told Sirius XM.

“Anyone with any sense knows Floyd’s going to beat him in a boxing match because Conor ain’t got the skill.

“But I am trying to make this happen with someone who is competitive and can win in Francis Ngannou.

“He can win a boxing match against me because he carries power and he’s active.”

Mayweather and Pacquiao are now on the lucrative exhibition circuit outside the United States. Already facing social media influencer Logan Paul [faux boxer Jake Paul’s brother], Mayweather’s team lined up another against Deji in Dubai this November.

The promoter also came out as a winner against a Japanese kickboxer at the RIZIN 38 PPV in September.

Pacquiao battles combat YouTuber DK Yoo in December before lining up Jaber Zayani for the first quarter of 2023.

His retirement in August 2021 still irks some fans, though, as they never got to see a rematch with Mayweather or a fight with Errol Spence.

As for their tenures in the sport, they’ll both be everlasting and hold the two top awards from the past two decades.

Fighters of the Decade

WBN crowned legend Floyd Mayweather the Fighter of the Decade from 2010 to 2019. On the other hand, the immortal Pacquiao won from 2000 to 2009.

Who has the better resume? – You decide.

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