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Home » Jarrell Miller lays into Eddie Hearn, ‘didn’t fight for me after test fail’

Jarrell Miller lays into Eddie Hearn, ‘didn’t fight for me after test fail’

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Jarrell Miller blasted promoter Eddie Hearn after the scandal over Conor Benn, who reportedly failed a VADA drug test before his last fight.

Like the best offshore betting sites to follow who had Miller at long odds to beat Anthony Joshua, Benn was the underdog against Chris Eubank Jr.

Benn remains under investigation, with a statement due to be released soon. However, Miller gave his view in a video posted on his YouTube channel.

Miller began by labeling Hearn ‘the biggest jacka** I know’ and criticizing the whole saga as the Matchroom boss tried to keep the event on.

“This boy’s a hypocrite, Eddie Hearn. Let’s give him a round of applause. Let’s get right into the number one topic right now.

“Of course, Eddie Hearn and his new golden goose failing a drugs test,” said Miller.

Jarrell Miller on Eddie Hearn

‘Big Baby’ then turned to when the Joshua headliner in New York got called off after Miller popped dirty before the Madison Square Garden title challenge.

“The ironic part about this whole thing is they’re fighting in the UK. UKAD and VADA are two different testing companies that they’ve been using.

“He failed doing the VADA protocol. Now Eddie Hearn is saying they’re not going to recognize VADA. Basically [being] a hypocrite and contradicting himself.

“They’re going to uphold UKAD rules because he didn’t do anything wrong with UKAD.

“It’s so funny that this is the route he’s taking and the stance he’s taking on this situation. Of course, with other fighters, he’s thrown under the bus.

“Especially me. He threw me under the bus – crazy.”

Miller continued: “What makes it funnier is that Eddie Hearn’s really trying to dismiss it like it’s nothing when it’s his fighters.

“When it’s other fighters, he’s quick to say something about it. Eddie Hearn was more hurt about the AJ fight because of money.

“He didn’t matter to me because Eddie was my co-promoter. I had more than one promoter that I worked with.

“So it’s a lot easier and cheaper for him to throw me under the bus. To cut all ties with me than actually digging to the bottom of things. Try to find a way to fight it.

“That’s the reason I was thrown under the bus. But Eddie, we all know, is a hypocrite.

“He’s worked with a tonne of fighters that have failed for worse than what I failed for,” concluded the heavyweight contender.

No ‘needle in the booty’

At the time of his failure, Miller protested his innocence.

“A lot of people don’t understand that GW1516 [Endurobol]. There’s not much I can really say on the whole matter due to legalities that we’re dealing with right now,” said Miller to Fight Network.

“But let’s get one thing straight, this is not a needle in the booty. It’s not a needle in the stomach. This is something that was ingested.

“We don’t know if it was contaminated. We are investigating as of right now. Me and my team are just working diligently to get the facts one hundred percent straight.”

He added: “Why the hell would you think I would go back and do something repeatedly, knowingly? Coming back in my return fight and with the finical setbacks, the hardship I’m dealing with in my life?

“If I knew it was a damaging substance, I would not be taking it.

“I’ve spent thousands of dollars on my own products. I have taken either sponsorships or products around my house out of my own pocket.

“To spend to get tested to make sure we’re clean products.”

Return from suspension

After serving his ban, Miller returned with two victories in 2022. A third fight of the year is penciled in for November 4 against Awadh Tamim.

Miller finds himself in the WBA top fifteen and eligible for a voluntary title shot. Another win moves him closer to his dream of finally fighting for a world title.

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