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Home » Ivan Golub and Trinidad Vargas both score wins in New York

Ivan Golub and Trinidad Vargas both score wins in New York

Split-T Management’s Ivan Golub and Trinidad Vargas had their hands raised with winning performances over the weekend.

Thursday night at Sony Hall in New York City, Ivan Golub stopped Wesley Tucker at the end of round four of a scheduled 10-round junior middleweight bout.

In round two, Tucker landed a left hook that made Golub’s glove touch the canvas for a knockdown.

In round four, Golub had a dominant round as he landed several flurries of hard punches that rocked Tucker. In between rounds the fight was halted in the comer.

Golub, 150.6 lbs of Brooklyn, NY via Ukraine is 21-1 with 16 knockouts. Tucker, 152 lbs of Toledo, OH is 15-4.

Golub is promoted by DiBella Entertainment.

Friday night in Niagara Falls, New York, Trinidad Vargas remained undefeated with a four-round unanimous decision over Jenn Gonzalez in a bantamweight bout.

Scores were 39-35 on all cards for Vargas, who is no 2-0. Gonzalez of Nicaragua is 9-14-1.

Vargas, 19 years-old of Dallas, Texas, had an incredible amateur resume that culminated with a record of 198-12 and won 13 National Championships.

That amateur career saw him become a 6x Junior Golden Gloves National Champion, Silver Gloves National Champion; 2017 Junior Open Champion; 2017 Western Regional Champion; 2017 Eastern Regional Champion; 2018 USA Junior Boxer of the Year; 2018 Junior Olympics Champion for which he won the Male Boxer of the Tournament; 2018 Eastern Regional Champion and Western Regional Champion.

Vargas is promoted by Teiken Promotions.