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DAZN branded an embarrassment for broadcasting shocking fights

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Streaming service DAZN has come under fire again after a shocking night of basically white collar unlicensed boxing shown live from Sheffield on October 15.

DAZN agreed to show the event, which WBN will not name, as part of a big money deal with a YouTube Boxing promoter.

It must be said the shenanigans that went down would be better served in a social club with no cameras there to broadcast them.

The fact that influencers are gloving up to call themselves ‘boxers’ when they have little to no talent is terrible enough. But dressing it up as if it were a professional event is even worse.

Add to that DAZN, who are trying to be a significant network in boxing, believing it warrants an entire series is dumbfounding.

Not impressed with DAZN

Tyson Fury’s friend Isaac Lowe is clearly not impressed and wasn’t the only one after witnessing a specific female fight featuring an Only Fans performer.

“Wow, the [British] Boxing Board of Control should have something to do about this. How do you let this go on TV?

“Promoters should be embarrassed by themselves. [They’ll do] anything for money. People’s lives are on the line.

“DAZN Boxing, what are you doing here?”

Lowe quickly received a barrage of replies that agreed with his every word.

Fellow professional Jesse Hart said: “Is this anything?”

The rest of the comments had damaging implications unless the standards get raised massively.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

This sort of fight should be in a club so it can be supervised properly.

It’s pretty comical with the commentary.

Surely it’s an exhibition this won’t be sanctioned?

I couldn’t believe this was a real fight!

Nothing to do with BBBoC. Some other new independent commissions are seeing quick paydays.

Is this what you mean by ‘Games Changed?’

Boxing as a sport is gradually being ruined by crap like this; terrible judges score cards and drug cheats!

Boxing has been a joke for a long time.

Women’s boxing is carrying the sport at the minute

DAZN is producing worldy content again. Game changed. Thankfully I canceled my subscription.

On the same night as the best women’s boxing event, we have ever hosted! Game changed, indeed.

This should’ve been stopped. She clearly didn’t want to be in there and wasn’t prepared.

Big time. They need to be fined. Also, the folks that gave the poor lady her boxing license. Clearly, she isn’t ready.


And people paid for this? Pathetic.

Shocking from the ref and her own corner. She clearly wanted out.

This is why I unsubscribe from DAZN!

It doesn’t look to have ever boxed before.

BBBOC didn’t sanction it listen to the MC. It’s sanctioned by the PBA profession boxing association, whoever they are.

Agreed, but surely she has a duty of care to herself, her coaches, friends, family, etc have a duty of care to her as well. But I agree this is such a bad watch. Potential life-changing injuries can occur in a ring. That girl is nowhere near the level of an amateur scrap!

Absolutely right. Crazy that people like this are sanctioned to fight. It shows that promoters don’t care about the sport, just money.

Absolutely. I’m all for YouTube boxing, but I think it’s entertaining and overall good for the profile of boxing. It’s also keeping professional boxing on its toes [they’ll never admit that]. But you’re entirely right about common principles. No way this fight should go ahead.

Weatherspoon’s car park

Seen better fights in a Weatherspoon’s car park. That’s so bad. I get the depth of the pool for women’s boxing talent isn’t as deep for now but come on; indeed, there are better fighters available?

I have seen better boxing at white collar.

There’s absolutely nothing entertaining for anyone about this fight.

It’s embarrassing for DAZN to see what they’re putting in their app now they’ve lost the Premier League.

How on earth can a ref of any level allow that to continue? Luckily, the other girl is awful and can’t punch, which could have been a very dangerous outcome.

Completely embarrassing. Unfortunately, it will take someone getting seriously hurt to stop this total insult to the sport.

DAZN, please let the fans know when you start showing some sports.

Boxing is a dangerous sport & therefore, you need to be prepared and trained. This girl clearly wasn’t.

Boxing is a joke nowadays. All the YouTubers and world champs picking who they fight for the big paydays never used to be like the in Lennox Lewis’ days! I’m done with it. Embarrassing.

Boxing has been a joke for a long time. Women’s boxing is carrying the sport at the minute.

Are the DAZN YouTuber events sanctioned?

Strong stuff. But one tweet did stand out. As WBN didn’t watch any of the events, it wasn’t known about the PBA’s involvement.

WBN has contacted the PBA for details about their sanctioning process for last weekend. But here’s what we found out from their website.

The Professional Boxing Association (Est. 1998) is an Independent Boxing Governing Body that Licence and Regulates Professional Boxing, Semi-Professional Boxing, and White-Collar Boxing worldwide.

With a prime emphasis being placed on Boxer Safety and Fairness of Competition.

Our role is to take on the Responsibility and Liability of Boxer Safety so that Boxing Promoters can run fully Licensed and Regulated Boxing Events.

Our Role:

Independent Governing Body, Neutral 3rd-party to a Promotion.

Sanctioning, Licensing, and Regulation of boxing events, covering:

White-Collar boxing,

Semi-Professional boxing,

Professional boxing.

Responsible and liable for boxer safety and fairness of competition in sanctioned events.

Benefits to Licensed Boxers:

Boxers can compete with confidence that they are fit to box through our stringent boxing medical.

Covered by our comprehensive boxer injury insurance policy during bout.

Assurance that the medical supervision in attendance on all PBA sanctioned events adheres to the international standard required in boxing.

Officials overseeing bout are highly experienced ‘purist’ boxing officials.

Benefits to Licensed Promoters:

The ability to promote fully licensed and regulated boxing events.

The PBA takes on the responsibility and liability of boxer safety at PBA-licensed events.

All PBA-licensed boxing is covered by our comprehensive insurance policy, specially for the boxing within the ring.

Full team of highly experienced ‘purist’ boxing officials officiating the event.

Part of a network and system of licensed promotions.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

WBN Editor Phil Jay has over ten years of boxing news experience. Follow WBN on Facebook @officialworldboxingnews, Instagram, and Twitter @worldboxingnews.