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“Masterful” – How Floyd Mayweather ended up on the DAZN app

World Boxing News can reveal why boxing legend Floyd Mayweather fights on the DAZN app despite some previous shade.

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe blasted DAZN as ‘an app nobody watches’ and continually ruins Eddie Hearn on social media for his part in working with the streaming service.

However, fans took time to remind Ellerbe of his comments about DAZN when Global Titans announced that the Mayweather vs Deji exhibition would be live on the platform.

Why is Floyd Mayweather fighting on DAZN?

Ellerbe didn’t take long to respond to his detractors. He says the reason for the u-turn was simple.

Mayweather handed the rights to the whole event to Middle Eastern investors after receiving substantial payment. Therefore, the PPV master had no say regarding TV rights for contests purchased outside his scope.

Organizers of the Dubai showdown then sold the bout to DAZN, leaving Mayweather and Ellerbe with a little egg on their faces.

The trusted right-hand man of Mayweather didn’t see it that way, though, as he tore into ‘trolls’ via his Twitter.

“[It’s] very simple,” said Ellerbe. “Floyd cut a masterful deal where he extracted a ton of money from an entity in the UAE to promote his exhibition over there.

“In exchange, they acquired the worldwide rights to the exhibition. So they can sell the rights to anybody they choose.

“They could show it free or sell the rights to anybody of their liking. Floyd got his [bag]. I wouldn’t expect any of these trolls to understand any of this because this is business 101. [This is a] prime example of why people should stay in their lane.

Floyd Mayweather vs Deji

Asked whether legend Floyd Mayweather is disappointed DAZN will show the fight, Ellerbe added: “No, he couldn’t care less where they show it.

“The promoter shopped the exhibition to the highest bidder, I assume. You have to ask them. Floyd got his [bag].

“Floyd got a huge bag for doing an exhibition in UAE. I repeat a huge bag. In return, they acquired worldwide rights so the promoter could sell the rights to whomever.

“We don’t care, and neither should you. Floyd is retired and having fun.”

He clarified, “Mayweather Promotions has nothing to do with the event. Most of these trolls are clueless about how the business works.”

Leonard Ellerbe hits back at ‘trolls’

Once again firing at social media comments regarding his dealings in boxing, Ellerbe aimed.

“Now let me get this straight, Mayweather Promotions and Premier Boxing Champions, along with Showtime and Stephen Espinoza, have put on the most successful boxing events ever in the history of the sport [Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao and Conor McGregor in Las Vegas].

“But yet you have these trolls on social media telling us how to do our job. You can’t make this up. You can’t explain anything to a bunch of idiots, though.

“It doesn’t cut their narrative!”

Mayweather’s team is astute in seeking the best deals for “Money” at the right time. This scenario happened against Logan Paul and could occur in the future with his brother Jake Paul.

Those two wannabe boxers are where the big exhibition purses lie at this moment in time.

But for now, Mayweather is happy facing fighters with big followings outside the Showtime bubble and the United States. The five-weight world title-winning boxer faces Deji on November 13 in Dubai and already has more events lined up for 2023.

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