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Conor Benn believes he’ll be cleared, wants ‘apology for disrespect’

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Conor Benn has broken his silence after reports of a second drug test failure got reported by the same media source as the first.

The welterweight star is currently under high scrutiny for findings of clomifene in his sample before a fight with Chris Eubank Jr.

A high-profile Pay Per View on the DAZN app at the O2 Arena in London fell apart due to madness erupting during fight week.

Conor Benn says he’s a clean athlete

Benn previously stated he was a clean athlete in the only other statement made by the British boxing world title contender.

“I am truly gutted that we were unable to make this fight happen on Saturday. I’m sorry to everyone who has been affected by the postponement,” said Benn.

“I am still completely shocked and surprised by this. It has been a tough couple of days.

“My team and I will consider the next options, including rescheduling the fight. But my immediate is on clearing my name because I am a clean athlete.”

Those damaging reports are being accompanied by some fan calls and boxing personnel stating Benn should face at least a four-year ban.

Conor Benn believes he will be cleared and wants apology

But, judging by his second comment on the shock headlines, Benn thinks he will be cleared.

“I hope the apology is as loud as the disrespect,” he stated.

Many in the sport are not siding with the Londoner, though. Some already have Conor Benn hung, drawn, and quartered.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has faced a backlash from UK fans and high-profile boxing people stateside.

One of those is Stephen Espinoza of Showtime Boxing. He spoke to FightHub TV about whether Benn could be cleared of wrongdoing.

“Look, if there’s transparency and clarity about what’s going on, and there’s testing, and it’s above board, then sure.

“There’s discipline coming in some form or another [for Benn], and that has to be complied with. I don’t think that should be evaded.”

Eubank Jr vs Benn is dead

On whether Eubank Jr vs Benn has any chance of going ahead in the future, Espinoza said:

“They can always go to this jurisdiction or that, and that is a problem for this sport as well.

“I don’t mean these two guys shouldn’t fight again. There’s a punishment that is going to be handed out, very likely.

“Once that has been satisfied, and there’s a clean record established, then everybody goes ahead.

“But I think saying that it was a ‘technicality, it wasn’t UKAD. So we’ll go to this jurisdiction that ignores the regulatory body.’

“That’s the kind of thing that makes a mockery of our sport,” added Espinoza.

Full story

For now, Eubank Jr. vs Benn at a catchweight of 157 pounds is dead as dead can be. Eubank Jr. looks likely to continue his career looking for a world title shot at middleweight as Benn tries to clear his name.

Sadly for Benn, the October farce will keep grabbing the headlines until the whole story is revealed.

Father Nigel Benn, who flew in from Australia to train with his son, fiercely denied his son had done any form of doping.

On the other hand, Eubank’s dad Chris Eubank Sr. was against the fight from the start.

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