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’61 percent’ Chris Eubank Jr smashes weight clause at The O2

Chris Eubank Jr. proved he could make the weight and rehydration clause for a collapsed bout against Conor Benn in London.

Eubank said he’d be “60%” for the fight but added a couple of percent after feasting on the O2 restaurants.

Chris Eubank Jr made the weight

The Brighton man took to social media at “61 percent” to prove he could make 157 pounds and then successfully stay under the five-pound limit for fight day.

With his supercar still parked outside the O2 Intercontinental Hotel, Eubank Jr. stepped on the scales in one of the hotel’s suites.

He proved he could make well under when scaling 159 plus pounds on fight day. He then bulked up to 62 percent with a chocolate brownie.

Sadly for Eubank Jr., the whole event was a washout due to Benn testing positive for a women’s fertility treatment.

Promoter Kalle Sauerland would have been proud of his fighter’s efforts as a total professional throughout the week.

Conor Benn faces a reputational fight

Benn, however, now faces a fight to regain his reputation in the United Kingdom after not being able to offer any explanation for his failure.

Father Nigel Benn took to Instagram but couldn’t provide any insight into how Benn had traces of clomifene in his system.

“We’re in total shock. I’ve been with my son for the last ten weeks. The training has just gone absolutely the best it could ever have been,” said Benn.

“He’s a dedicated trainer, he leaves no stone unturned, and we’ll get to the bottom of this.

“I love my son. I know he doesn’t cut any corners. He goes straight at it, one hundred percent.

“But we’ll keep you informed. We will let you know what the next step is. But you know, he’s a faithful trainer and a clean athlete,” added the boxing legend.

Benn’s trainer devastated after Chris Eubank Jr collapse

Benn’s trainer Tony Sims said he was “devastated” as “The Destroyer” is the first boxer ever to fail a test from his stable.

“After 26 years in boxing, a sport I love and have dedicated my life to, I can say hand on heart that I have never experienced or witnessed any athlete in my camp fail an anti-doping test. Not voluntary or mandatory. I stand proud by that fact,” stated Sims.

“Today leaves me truly devastated as we call a postponement to such an amazing event. I was honored to say I was part of it.

“I have worked closely with Conor Benn for the last seven years. And I developed and mentored him as a fighter in the ring and a man outside of it.

“In particular, we have completed this recent twelve-week camp alongside Nigel, his father. Nigel has lived with Conor day to day, beginning to end.

“Having spoken to Conor personally in length surrounding the subject and listening to him, I support him as a coach and a friend.

“We are determined to get to the bottom of this as a team. We are working closely with Conor’s legal advisors in an effort to understand the meaning of the ‘adverse finding’ and resolve this matter urgently.”

UK fans

Right now, UK fans remain seething at the fact the event was called off so late despite the fact promoters on both sides knew about the failed test on September 23rd.

A whistleblower detonated a timebomb during fight week by informing a UK newspaper of the failure. Some commenters on social media are shockingly claiming Chris Eubank Sr. [not proven] had reason to divulge the information due to his stance against the fight.

Once out in the open, not even Eddie Hearn, with his everlasting loopholes, could ignore it in the end.

Those who purchased tickets for the October 8th fight had to scramble to try and get refunds on trains, which is an impossibility for some.

After spending time at The O2 before the fight was due, the whole situation leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

The only person who came out of this week with an enhanced reputation is the ever-professional Chris Eubank Jr.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

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