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Shock videos of drug testing “hypocrisy” by Eddie Hearn go viral

Several videos of boxing promoter Eddie Hearn blasting other boxers for failed tests in the same situation Conor Benn is amid went viral.

In the aftermath of Hearn attempting to put on a catchweight fight when his fighter had tested positive two weeks before, clips of the Matchroom Boxing boss giving others a dressing down have been shared thousands of times.

Viral videos of Eddie Hearn

Hearn was talking about another boxer other than Benn in an older video when his words returned to haunt him.

Journalist Donald McRae has since accused Hearn of “hypocrisy” in a damning article.

He stated: “What is the point in signing up for drug testing if, when you fail, everyone just goes, ‘Oh don’t worry about it, just let him fight,’ you know?”

That phrase alone is a total contradiction to what Hearn himself attempted to do this week with Conor Benn. It’s the exact same move he blasted in the video.

The clip continued with even more damning words for the Essex man.

“The argument of ‘well, it’s alright with UKAD’ is totally irrelevant. You’ve signed up for drug testing with VADA – the best testing agency, in my opinion, in the sport.

“I really wanted this fight to happen, but he failed a VADA test. You can’t ignore it. Otherwise, the sport’s a mockery.”

That “mockery” Hearn speaks of is one hundred percent the same as the one involving Benn. The one Hearn tried to push through in a mirror image of what he screamed against.

Conor Benn could have fought if he didn’t sign up for VADA

It doesn’t stop there for Hearn. He was unapologetic in seemingly stating his dismay that Benn even signed up for VADA. He noted that the fight would still be on if Benn didn’t, as the Londoner would have gone undetected.

It’s a shocking admission from Hearn, who has come under fire for knowing about Benn’s failed test for two weeks and not informing fans who paid good money for trains, hotel, and travel that some won’t be able to claim back.

In the second video filmed with IFL TV, Hearn was asked if there was a “grey area” over whether Conor Benn had done anything wrong with one body [VADA] and not the other [UKAD].

He said: “Not really. We signed up for a VADA test, and he failed a VADA test. If we had signed up for a WADA or UKAD test, he would still be fighting. But we signed up for a VADA test.

“I’ve spoken to the British Boxing Board of Control. If UKAD and WADA don’t do something about this for boxing, it’s going to end in tears.”

British public backlash to Eddie Hearn

The whole situation could blow up in Hearn’s face if the unforgiving British public latches onto this farcical occurrence and runs with it.

The practices and tactics tried to keep the Chris Eubank Jr. fight on are downright sickening toward boxer safety. They completely disregard the fighter who has to share a ring with someone who tested positive.

Hearn is right that something must be done, but it must be done to those who try to bend or break the rules further after the initial test comes back positive.

During his recent career, Hearn has caught controversy amongst die-hard boxing fans for promoting Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk in Saudi Arabia and working with faux boxer Jake Paul on the Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano event.

Farcical events

This latest farce in October is another black eye for the sport on the back of the Glenn Feldman judging scandal that Hearn is suing the YouTuber for after he accused his ex-promotional partner of paying the official off in two bouts.

It’s far to say that it hasn’t been a good couple of months for Hearn if you throw in the Tyson Fury fight collapse, of which he was also blamed for falling apart by Bob Arum.

How long will the UK public remain by his side?

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

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