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How to Win More at Slots

Video slots are a staple of virtual casino platforms. In fact, even the most basic online casino NZ has to offer will provide users with an extensive selection of pokies. Why are slots so popular? Well for starters, they’re user-friendly. You don’t need a masterful strategy to win big, while minimum bets mean you don’t have to start out with a sizable bankroll. Although many players can walk away with a modest profit, there are a few techniques you can utilise to increase your odds of landing a hefty win. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Double Your Bets

If you’ve lost out on a spin, doubling your bets isn’t an obvious next step. However, if your bets have a low coin size, this can be an effective method for clawing back your losses. If you’ve been unlucky with two successive spins, think about doubling your bet before spinning the reels for the third time. You might not win, but if you do, you’ll instantly recoup any losses you’ve accrued from your previous two bets. If you lose, don’t panic. You can always increase the size of your bet yet again.

Make Big Bets Now and Again

If you’re looking to make your bankroll stretch, betting all of your money on a single spin seems counterproductive. However, the occasional all-or-nothing bet is worth experimenting with. Obviously, it’s not a great way to kick off a play session. However, throwing all your cash behind a single spin now and again can occasionally pay off. Just be cautious with this technique and only use it when playing high variance pokies.

Slot Machines Aren’t Entirely Random

Admittedly, online slot games are founded on random number generators. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t leverage a bit of skill to increase your odds of winning. Although a typical online slot is a game of chance, playing around with betting patterns can yield lucrative results.

Are you someone who consistently bets on the maximum number of pay lines? If you’re having little luck with this approach, try dialling things down a notch. Essentially, your aim here is to randomise your playing style and betting patterns.

Variance Slots and Big Payouts

Looking for huge payouts? You’ll want to be playing high variance slots. Generally speaking, high variance slots don’t pay out as regularly as low variance ones. However, should the reels land just right, you can expect huge payout potential. It’s worth pointing out that the chances of you landing a life-changing jackpot are slim. That being said, if you’re wagering with small single bets, it’s a gambit worth taking.

Don’t Burn Through Your Winnings

Finally, make sure you’re withdrawing any accrued winnings regularly. No matter whether you’re playing at a real casino or online, you should already have a clear handle on bankroll management. Never start a play session without deciding on how much you can afford to lose and how much you’re prepared to spend on a single spin.

Regularly withdrawing your winnings means your bankroll is protected. What’s more, you remove the temptation to spend accumulated winnings on risky bets. After a lucky streak, it’s easy to start viewing your winnings as free money and wagering it with irresponsibility. Remember, this is your profit. You can of course use it to bolster your bankroll in the future but for now, withdraw it from your play account so you can stock and reconsider your options.