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UK media must stop pandering to ‘troll’ Tyson Fury’s misinformation

Tyson Fury has been labeled a “big troll” this week after setting a deadline for Anthony Joshua to sign a contract.

But even worse, the on-off retired fighter continually posts fake news that UK media post each time about his career.

This encourages the fans and leads most stories down the garden path, as they say in England.

Why does Tyson Fury keep posting misinformation?

The latest misinformation by Fury, a diagnosed bipolar sufferer, teased a potential fight with Joe Joyce.

The problem with those statements is that everyone with half a brain knows that “The Gypsy King” would go nowhere near his former sparring partner.

Despite that knowledge, Fury stated: “I’ve had a lovely day of watching boxing and watching all the big fights and studying all the heavyweights.

“I’ve got to say that big Joe Joyce is the second best heavyweight in the world, behind myself and on his day.

“Given his moment, who knows if he could beat me or not?”

Fury added: “I think we’ll have to find out one of these days.”

Continuing by name-dropping several of today’s also-ran opponents, the 34-year-old stated: “I’ve just looked at these prospects who are mandatory for the world title, [Zhilei] Zhang and [Filip] Hrgovic and everybody else.

“I’ve changed my mind, and I think big Joe Joyce is the number two heavyweight in the world. And who knows if he’s number one?

“One day, we’ll have to find out who’s better out of him and me. But at the moment, I’m ruling the roost because I’m world heavyweight champion, and he’s not.”

Joyce, who scored the most significant career victory over Joseph Parker last weekend in Manchester, responded in kind.

“The Juggernaut” stated: “Sign the contract, Big Boy!”

Fury vs Usyk, Charr, Joshua, or Joyce

Fury then suggested he’ll face Oleksandr Usyk despite telling Mahmoud Charr 24 hours earlier that it’s his turn next.

It’s exhausting and tiring to keep up with and correct when proving false.

“It’s not tour time, big Joe! I have to win undisputed first vs the middleweight! You also have to build yourself up to the big time!”

Another statement from Fury leaves UK fans not knowing where they are at. Is it Charr, Usyk, or is it, Joshua?

From one minute to the next, Tyson Fury news is becoming non-Tyson Fury news.

The minute it reaches the airwaves or any reliable news station, it’s no longer viable. Even DAZN is calling Fury “a big troll” in videos.

While Sky Sports analyst Johnny Nelson branded Fury “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” over his treatment of the Anthony Joshua talks for a bout on December 3rd.

Nelson told Sky Sports: “It’s got to the stage now where both parties have said ‘I want this fight,’ and if this fight doesn’t happen, the buck stops with the fighters.

“Will the fight happen? Tyson Fury is slowly losing verbal credibility because of what he’s saying and not saying.

“You could laugh and joke at it, at first, and say, ‘You know Tyson, (it is) good (that) he’s not retired.’

“But now the things he’s saying are riling the hopes of a nation.

The ‘Big Troll’ Who Cried Wolf

“To say, ‘This big fight is happening,’ and then to say, ‘I have changed my mind now, it’s not happening because they didn’t do it on the day I wanted to do it on’…

“Now there’s a backlash coming against him because people are starting to see he’s like the boy that cried wolf.”

Joshua lost to Usyk last month in Saudi Arabia. Tuesday saw the flatline of negotiations after Fury gave a Monday deadline.

Plans were for Fury vs Joshua to take place at the end of the year before a 2023 rematch between April and June in London.

However, that also turned out to be false information by Fury and gave British boxing supporters false hope for the umpteenth time.

It follows Fury retiring and unretiring several times since beating mandatory WBC heavyweight title challenger Dillian Whyte at Wembley in April.

Something needs to be done to stop Tyson Fury from continually providing updated waffle that holds no purpose whatsoever.

Stop giving the man his platform and let him go away and work on himself. Fans are already turning against him.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

WBN Editor Phil Jay has over ten years of boxing news experience. Follow WBN on social media @officialworldboxingnews and @worldboxingnews.