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Floyd Mayweather “punch didn’t land” amidst “scripted” accusation

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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather faces shocking accusing of inflating his purse and scripting his Japan exhibition at RIZIN 38.

The promoter knocked out the hapless Mikuru Asakura in two rounds last Saturday night. Mayweather didn’t break a sweat as he took out the kickboxer in Saitama.

However, videos are circulating on social media, claiming the final punch never landed. Retired UFC star Chael Sonnen has also stated his belief that the former pound-for-pound king scripted the whole fight.

Sonnen says Mayweather didn’t get anywhere near the fee “Money” stated for the victory as he blew off steam on his YouTube channel.

How much money did Floyd Mayweather make?

Days before, Mayweather had told The Daily Mail exactly how much money he would make.

“From this exhibition alone, I will make somewhere upwards of $15-20million. That’s just from this exhibition.

“So, it’s cool. Nine minutes, twenty million, not bad.”

He added: “Exhibitions are also giving me a chance to travel more. I have always traveled a lot, but I can entertain people all over the world.”

Reacting to Mayweather’s claims, Sonnen revealed it was far south of that marker. He also said he knew first-hand what Mayweather’s real purse was.

“Floyd is claiming he will get $20 million for this. I call it ‘rassling [WWE] because they’re not actually [fighting]. But whatever they’re getting ready to do in Japan, whatever that is that’s going to look like boxing, he’s getting $8 million,” Sonnen claimed.

“Now, eight is a beautiful number. But he claimed he was getting twenty. So I feel because I know the real number, that I can’t let it go.

“I must come to you guys. I have a journalistic obligation to come and inform you it’s actually $8 million, and he’s exaggerating.”

Pay Per View script

On the headlining event, which Mayweather sold on Pay Per View for $29.99, Sonnen stated: “He going to do something — an exhibition? They’re calling it something. He’s doing little guys that are terrible.

“He’s getting good exposure making a bunch of money. And he’s having a really good time. All of those things bother me.

“I don’t want him having a good time. No fighter gets to have fun. No fighter that’s 40 years old that isn’t doing actual fights, only pretending to go against terrible competition that can barely sell.

“I mean, these guys can barely even pretend that they’re knocked out. It’s not all that good. They don’t get to have fun and make millions of dollars.

“Floyd’s going to go make $8 million to not actually compete with a guy who, if he did compete with, he would destroy in 30 seconds.

Shorter limit

“Other people that are actually willing to fight, not call it an exhibition. Not go out for eight rounds, not shorten the time limits to two a piece instead of three. He can’t make a 10th of that. Why would I tease Floyd? Doesn’t it sound like Floyd’s the one that figured it out?

“If Floyd can go in there and get $8 million for whatever that is, he doesn’t have to work very hard. He doesn’t have to train at all because the script is on his side, and they’ve already told him who’s going down and when. Isn’t that something I’d want to emulate?

“This is his second time going back [to Japan]. People use Floyd once. They get their ass kicked. They don’t go back to him. It was a terrible deal.

“These guys are. They paid him $8 million, gave him a script, brought him back again, giving him $8 million, have him read the script.”

Floyd Mayweather vs Deji

Sonnen wasn’t finished there. He then ripped into Floyd’s announced PPV bout in November against YouTuber Deji.

“Floyd’s going to go over to Dubai. He’s going to do something after this [vs DEji]. It will represent the second time that he’s done that. He’s going to get millions of dollars.

“I don’t know. I think in Dubai, they’re actual competition. They’re just with bums. Those might also be scripted, like the stuff he’s doing in Japan.

“I don’t actually know that. I haven’t got to see one. They’re like little private events.”

Having faced Logan Paul, Conor McGregor [sanctioned as professional], Tenshin Nasukawa, and Don Moore in his other exhibition contests, Mayweather has a plethora of options open to him in the future.

There are thousands of YouTuber wannabe boxers and TikTok “influencers” waiting for the Las Vegas native to share the ring with them.

Floyd has fresh meat worldwide. Therefore, it’s unlikely he’ll stop anytime soon.

However, facing any real competition has already been ruled out, especially against career rival Manny Pacquiao.

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