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Roy Jones Jr idea makes Chris Eubank Jr vs Conor Benn bigger

Roy Jones Jr. has an idea for Chris Eubank Jr vs Conor Benn that makes the British showdown even more significant for fans.

The American boxing legend, who reigned as pound-for-pound king during his career, believes both fathers should take the lead in the corners.

Jones has been training Eubank Jr. for his last few fights. He even housed the Brighton man during Covid.

Will Roy Jones Jr. or Chris Eubank be in Chris Eubank Jr’s corner?

However, RJJ now says he’ll stay in the United States. The fight takes place on October 8th at the O2 Arena in London.

On Chris Eubank Sr. taking charge of his son’s actions on fight night, Jones Jr. told “If it was me and he asked me what he should do, I would’ve told him to do just that.

“Your fathers are the reason the fight is happening. Having the fathers there in the corners will make it even bigger for everybody.

“So if I were a fan, I’d definitely want to see Nigel in Conor’s corner and Eubank Sr in Chris’ corner.”

The veteran, who fought Mike Tyson in a 2020 exhibition, says the fight would be irrelevant if Eubank Sr. and Nigel Benn hadn’t thought twice during the 1990s.

“The fathers are the reason that the fight is relevant. So I’m going to step back because they are the reason the fight is happening,” revealed Jones.

“Why would I want to put my values over something bigger than that?

“If it weren’t for their fathers, this fight wouldn’t even be talked about right now. That’s because one’s a welterweight and one’s a middleweight.”

Eubank vs Benn legacy

Jones insists his decision is solely down to his admiration for Eubank and his former world champion father.

“I love the kid to death. I do all I can for him. But this fight is much more beneficial if his dad is in the corner. The friction between the two fathers gives more heat.

“I want to do what is best for the team, not myself. And for the team, it is [Eubank Snr] in the corner. Also, Conor’s father be in the corner because that is what started it all.”

Toned down

Despite discussing the friction between the elder Eubank and Benn, it’s far more toned down than it was even twenty years ago.

The pair buried the hatched long ago and will go on a UK “Trilogy Tour” to coincide with the fight’s build-up and aftermath.

They’ll go over their rivalry and reconciliation. While promoters on both sides attempt to make the most out of the Pay Per View opportunity their dad’s legacies bring about.

In saying that, Eubank Jr. and Benn certainly don’t like each other, as both put out contrasting posts on social media.

Benn is portraying that he’s training like a demon and bulking up to make the 157 pounds limit. At the same time, Eubank is trolling the younger contender by eluding to him overeating and not attempting to cut weight.

The protagonists will reveal all at the weigh-in on October 7th. But promoter Kalle Sauerland won’t be happy if Eubank fails to hit the mark for the bout.

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