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Anthony Joshua hasn’t spoken to Amir Khan since wife accusations

Amir Khan admits his hasty accusations against Anthony Joshua about sleeping with his wife Faryal ended their relationship.

Despite being two of the UK’s biggest names over the years, Khan’s astonishing tweets caused a rift unrepairable to this day.

The incident in 2017 sent shockwaves through the British boxing ranks as fellow boxer Joshua’s image took a battering at the time.

AJ’s social media activity was questioned after a “hacking” incident. Bolton star Khan’s blast only added further fuel to the fire.

Why did Amir Khan and Anthony Joshua fall out?

“I had the problem with Anthony Joshua, which I feel really bad for because at the end of the day. But I put him in the firing line for no reason,” Khan told The Overlap.

“I mean, he was a friend of mine. Since then, we’ve never spoken. So I lost a good friend through that as well.”

Khan added what made the Olympic silver medal winner snap: “What happened was, so my wife, she and I were not talking. She sent a message saying, ‘look, so many fighters messaging me. And because she showed me a message of Anthony Joshua saying hi to her or something, I lost it.

“I said, “Who the hell’s he, saying hi to my wife?” – even though he was cool with me.”

“Maybe he was being respectful; all he was was being respectful. Nothing ever happened,” he stated to Gary Neville. “I just flipped out on everyone.

“And all my mates were, “Are you mad? – You just tweeted something.” But he’s a nice guy.

“Even his own personal friends were calling me. I was like, ‘No, don’t want to talk to you guys.'”


Clarifying his state of mind at the time, the amateur England competitor whose brother Haroon represented Pakistan in unpaid code bouts, concluded: “I become too selfish.

“I started making a lot of mistakes. I started turning nasty – becoming a bad person.

“It was never me, and I was never happy with myself doing all this stuff.”

Joshua would later say he wishes he did sleep with Faryal after facing so much hate from fans.

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