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Home » Spar video sparks Kell Brook vs Conor Benn or Amir Khan 2 talk

Spar video sparks Kell Brook vs Conor Benn or Amir Khan 2 talk

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Kell Brook is back sparring again, sparking rumors the Sheffield man could be a possible standby for Chris Eubank Jr. on October 8th.

Trainer Dominic Ingle posted a video that was subsequently shared by Brook despite the former world champion being retired.

The fact the clip got released on the day Chris Eubank stated he intended to pull his son out of a fight with Conor Benn gave it even more traction.

If Eubank Jr. does drop out of the Benn fight, Brook taking his place would be a solid substitution.

Kell Brook sparring video

Any replacement would need to be a big name due to the significance of the Eubank Jr. vs Benn event. Tickets sold out in minutes for the O2 Arena clash, and with Brook returning on the back of beating Amir Khan, Pay Per View remains in play.

Benn vs Brook can still command the exact PPV figure as Eubank Jr. and would undoubtedly be a show saver if ratified in the coming days.

However, Ingle did state Brook was merely “blowing off the cobwebs,” which doesn’t bode well for preparation time.

Ingle also mentioned Amir Khan rather than Benn, although this could be a smokescreen to throw fans off the scent. If Eubank Jr. doesn’t pull out, any Brook comeback could be solely to entice Khan back into the ring.

Brook retired

Fans previously worried about Brook in retirement. He put on weight and “looked lost,” – according to some UK boxing commenters.

“He looks lost and like something is missing, something he’ll never return. Anyone who’s suffered real loss will understand. He looks depressed. I hope he is ok. It sounds like he is struggling,” were just some of the quips on Brook.

“He’ll be the figure of Prince Nassem in no time. How the hell does he gain so much weight quickly? WTF.”

“It’s going to happen [a comeback], but I can’t get over how different some fighters look when they’re not in camp. George Groves and Paddy Pimblett used to end up properly chubby.

“That man’s gone from throwing chocolate brownies to eating them,” were others.

Benn or Khan 2

Whatever the reason for Brook returning, he has to do what’s best for himself. If it’s a big enough event, indeed, “The Special One” would consider any offer afforded to him.

Being on standby for Eubank Jr. would mean money to cover training expenses. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer for Brook to return to the gym.

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