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Home » Floyd Mayweather savagely aborted a signed Amir Khan fight

Floyd Mayweather savagely aborted a signed Amir Khan fight

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Floyd Mayweather savagely ended any hopes Amir Khan had of fighting him when the pair had signed a contract agreement.

Mayweather, at the time, with just four windows of opportunity left on his Showtime deal, opened up a poll to his fans covered by WBN at the time.

It was a straight choice between Khan and Marcos Maidana for a battle in 2013 on Pay Per View.

Floyd Mayweather poll

Khan won the poll and sealed a lucrative check alongside Mayweather for a Cinco de Mayo clash in Las Vegas. But as the Bolton man prepared to arrange his training camp, Mayweather dropped a bombshell.

“When we were supposed to fight, I remembered that I signed all the contracts, and everything was negotiated,” Khan explained to The Overlap.

“Everything was signed off, and why didn’t it happen? Because I announced it first before him. Can you believe that?

“He wanted to be the man to announce the fight. But because he didn’t get to do it, he said, ‘I’m not fighting you.'”

Mayweather opted for the man who came second in the voting – Maidana. The pair would eventually have two fights earning the Argentine around $10 million.

Maidana retired after picking up those paydays at the tender age of 31. Khan was still fighting until earlier this year.

“He went and fought somebody I’d already beat Marcos Maidana. It was quite embarrassing,” said Khan. !I thought, ‘wow’ – but that’s Mayweather.

“He believes in his own ego and himself so much that he has to make all the decisions. No one can announce anything before him.

“At the end of the day, credit it to him because he’s proven himself with what he’s done in the sport of boxing.”

Amir Khan wins

On what would happen if the pair did go ahead with the fight, Khan added:

“You know what? I’d beat him. If I were in my prime, I would be very confident. I’m going to get a lot of hate for that.

“I’m sorry, guys, but you have to believe in yourself, and that’s one thing I’ve always done throughout my career.

“I think stylistically, when Mayweather was a lot younger; he had a lot of speed and movement. But I feel that my speed would have beaten his speed, my movement would have beaten his movement.

“He really wasn’t the biggest puncher in the game, so that it would have been like a game of chess, but I would have outboxed him.”

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