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Amateur star Enmanuel Reyes Pla turns pro ahead of Olympic run

The Spanish-Cuban boxer Emmanuel Reyes Pla “EL PROFETA”, one of the most successful amateur boxers in Spanish boxing (Olympic diploma, bronze in the World Championships, silver in the last European Championships etc…), took the step to professionalism.

On October 8 in his city of A Coruña , supported by all his followers and relatives , he will make his foray into boxing with his club PLANASBOX .

The Prophet will debut directly at the distance of 6 rounds in the cruiserweight category , and Si todo It’s going well because he plans to do his second fight on December 3, also in A Coruña.

The idea of his promoter, Chano Planas, is that next year, if the Olympic competition calendar allows it, he will fight for the Spanish title in his category.

Because the IBA (International Boxing Association) allows amateur boxers to make the leap to professionals, Enmanuel Reyes Pla will remain in the national amateur boxing team for the next Olympic Games in Paris.

The goal is to win an Olympic medal and after the Olympiad it’s over. to have finished, to have a professional record between 10 and 12 fights that allow him to opt for important titles in the professional field.

EL PROFETA will be the captain of the new project “GALICIA TERRA DE LOITADORES”, which will be made up of a team of professional boxers from different clubs in Galicia.

They compete under the direction of the promoter PLANASBOX, which aims to celebrate one evening a month in different cities of the Galician community.

The names and records of the Galician boxers who will be part of this project will be announced soon.