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Home » Eddie Hearn defends the WBA having multiple belts in one weight class

Eddie Hearn defends the WBA having multiple belts in one weight class

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Eddie Hearn shockingly defended the World Boxing Association’s continued disregard for the sanctity of one world champion per division.

The WBA has promised to abolish its “regular” title for some time now. However, seven weight classes remain with multiple champions almost a year from that vow.

President Gilberto Mendoza did remove the interim title under duress and demoted the manufactured “gold” belt. But he hasn’t yet followed through on many of the actions.

Eddie Hearn happy

Hearn seems happy that his fighter, mainly Leigh Wood, gets to keep his world champion status. If Mendoza had done what he should have done, Wood would not be a world champion.

He’s not in reality, as the “regular” title has never been a world championship.

When pushed about Mendoza’s slow actions, Hearn replied: “Oh well, we wouldn’t have had Wood vs Conlan and Wood vs Lara otherwise.”

He then added his belief that boxing supporters are on his side. “I’m happy, and so are the fans!”

Sadly for Hearn, that’s not strictly true. Most fans want only one champion per division per sanctioning body. It’s another case of picking and choosing by a promoter.

Three or four years ago, Eddie Hearn would not mention Anthony Joshua as the IBO heavyweight champion. Several press releases were sent out by Matchroom Boxing, calling AJ the WBA, WBO, and IBF ruler. They never mentioned the IBO at all despite the designation on the official IBO website.

But again, when it suits a promoter, the IBO title becomes more significant. Many recent press releases from Hearn’s company decided to label the IBO an important strap.

It’s not. There are only four major sanctioning bodies. But judging the WBA’s actions, there’s a case for only three.

Declassified the WBA

WBN has already declassified the WBA once for nine months in 2021. The WBA reacted by making their title promise.

A year on, we are still not there, and another declassification is becoming a real option.

Meanwhile, the WBA commented on the featherweight situation after Wood got granted the opportunity to avoid a dangerous fight with Leo Santa Cruz.

“The teams of Leo Santa Cruz and Leigh Wood informed the World Boxing Association (WBA) Championships Committee that they have reached an agreement to fight for the featherweight world title. The purse bid, scheduled for Friday, August 12, has been suspended.

“The mandatory bout between champions is tentatively scheduled for November 5 or 12, according to the WBA, although the details will be announced as soon as the parties send the official contracts.

“From this moment, they will have 15 days to send the signed contracts with information about the exact date, the venue, and the conditions of the confrontation.

“This part of the plan is to reduce the number of world titles of the pioneer organization, leaving the 126 lbs. division with only one champion.

“Mexican Santa Cruz is the Super Champion of the category and must face Wood, who holds the world championship.”

Regular belt

Despite that information and intention, the WBA decided to allow Wood to face Mauricio Lara. A blatant slap in the face to fans and a deviation from their plan.

At heavyweight, it’s even worse. Daniel Dubois continues to be a “world heavyweight champion” when he is not.

Dubois will likely be able to make at least two or three more defenses as the absolute WBA ruler, Oleksandr Usyk, won’t be facing him anytime soon.

Mendoza fails to realize that continually making fights to reduce belts and pocketing those fees is not the correct way to go about it.

It’s not impressing anyone and needs addressing soon rather than later.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

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