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Deontay Wilder shocks again with more “murder cheat” comments

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Deontay Wilder could face sanctions for his latest unfathomable comments on potentially killing one of his opponents.

On more than one occasion in the past, Wilder has stated he “wants a body” on his record and can legally try to kill someone inside the ropes.

This latest outburst is the most shocking and should face investigation by the World Boxing Council, which has sanctioned his next fight.

Too often in the past, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has failed to reprimand Wilder for his awful threats. This time, “The Bronze Bomber” has to be held accountable.

In setting up his latest outburst, the controversy stems from his first career defeat to Tyson Fury. When he competed in a February 2020 rematch, Wilder was dominated over seven rounds and didn’t stand a chance as Fury dropped him many times before taking him out.

In the aftermath, Wilder cried foul. He accused Fury of loading his gloves, spiking his water, and not winning fairly.

Wilder went even further after doubling his cheating claims in an interview with The American stated he only chased the trilogy fight so he could try to murder Fury in the ring.

Deontay Wilder comments

Wilder was unequivocal in his response when asked if he’d be willing to bury the hatchet with Fury in the future.

“No, [I will] never [be civil with Tyson Fury]. Because I know the truth behind that [Fury cheated],” Wilder said to Fight Hype. “I don’t condone cheating.

“I know that no matter what people say.”

Wilder revealed why he entered arbitration, eventually forcing Fury into the third meeting.

“It’s just like you got analysts that say, ‘If he did have something in his glove, why did you not go to the authorities?’

“I wish I was in front of them. I would grab their collar and put them close to my face, so we could be eye to eye, face to face. So much so that my breath touched their face. I would tell them, ‘why the f*** would I go to the authorities when I have an opportunity to release my own energy?

“[I have the opportunity to] put my hands up on him [again]. The possibility of trying to kill him and get paid millions of dollars doing it.’

“Why would I go to the authorities?

“[If] I go to the authorities and they lock him up, then what’s next? – That’s it. It’s a good write-up. OK, we proved our case. But nobody is getting fed.

“What justice has that done? That doesn’t make any sense. That sounds like somebody is non-confrontational in combat sports because their mindset is not set on combat.

“It’s set on being nice. That theory doesn’t even make sense to me. We are in the hurt business. This is what we do.

“[If] I can hurt you and get paid to do it, that sounds like a sweet deal to me.”

Tyson Fury fourth fight

Losing the third contest in a Fight of the Year affair, Wilder dropped Fury twice. “The Gypsy King” would state he fears for his long-term health after taking Wilder’s vicious blows.

However, Fury recently pointed to the fact he could fight Wilder again if he wins a WBC eliminator against Andy Ruiz Jr. in 2023.

Wilder responded if he would be willing to agree to a fourth clash with Fury: “Most definitely, [if] they bring a hell of a fight, let’s do it.

“You know me. I’ve never ducked or dodged anyone. I’m the one that blessed people with opportunities.”

If the WBC had any notion of fighter safety inside the ring, they would at least ask Deontay Wilder for an explanation of his comments.

It’s simply not good enough for him to say his ‘other persona’ says those kinds of comments. Intentionally entering the ring to murder his opponent warrants a ban from boxing, at the very least.

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