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Deontay Wilder: Old dog tries new trick for Robert Helenius comeback

Former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has revealed a new method to his training camp after deciding on a comeback at the age of 36.

“The Bronze Bomber” is sparring over 25 rounds per day in preparation for a Pay Per View against old sparring partner Robert Helenius.

Wilder spent time in camp with Helenius when putting in work for a trilogy with Tyson Fury. Ultimately, the third fight ended in a defeat.

Deontay Wilder

Wilder has renewed vigor, having had a statue unveiled in his hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

The long-reigning WBC titleholder knows he cannot afford a slip up against the giant Finn on October 15 in New York.

“We’ve put in over 400 rounds so far. This training camp has been great,” said Wilder.

“I’m trying to do something different with adding Don House to the team working in Las Vegas.

“We wanted to change up some things, go more rounds and see what happened.

“This training sounds like it could be a lot on your body, but when you’re in shape physically and mentally, nothing is impossible.

“I’ve had a great career. Now I’m back again for my second reign. It’s amazing to reminisce about all the years and about how I got to where I am now.

“It’s been an honor. We had a game plan, and we executed that game plan.”

Sparring partner

Wilder added on his return and familiarity with Helenius, “I’m looking forward to October 15 and sharing the ring with Robert. I highly respect Robert and his team.

“We’ve always had a connection, but unfortunately, in this business, you have to go against each other sometimes.

“But make no mistake, just because we know each other, it doesn’t mean this fight won’t be interesting.

“Every time I fight, you’re on the edge of your seat because I’m going in there 110%.

“I’m looking forward to this fight and coming back to Barclays Center, where some of my most exciting knockouts have occurred.

“I have remarkable memories there, and I can’t wait to display my talent.

“I know what Helenius is capable of doing, and I know what kind of heart he has. He’s coming to bring his best. I always bring mine.

Serious fight

“This is a serious fight between two warriors in the heavyweight division. We’re coming to put it all on the line.

“Getting a statue in my hometown let me know that there was more work to do. I have to continue to fight and motivate and inspire.

“This reign is going to be a special one because it’s going to be dedicated to the people.

“Over these years, everyone has seen what I’m capable of doing and what my mindset is when I step in there.

“Everyone knows what I’m coming with on the 15th and what we’re going to give.

“Whether for our family, country, or fans, there’s one night and one fight. It’s going to be fireworks.”

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