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Calls for judge firing after Usyk vs Joshua, Pacquiao vs Thurman scores

A judge who carded in favor of Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk and Keith Thurman against Manny Pacquiao should get called to explain his cards.

That’s the view of several boxing personnel and fans after another massively frustrating scorecard at the very top level.

World Boxing News analyzed the cards from Usyk vs Joshua 2, where the challenger from Great Britain had solid claims to only one round.

Three others could face debate, while the other eight were clear Usyk rounds or swayed massively in the Ukrainian’s favor.

Glenn Feldman

However, the most precise round of all for Usyk was arguably the twelfth. But judge Glenn Feldman, who gave the fight to Joshua, also scored that round against Usyk.

It’s hard to understand how a paid and trained official cannot see the basic things anyone watching a fight can see, especially when sitting ringside.

The only explanation could be that Feldman either got caught up in the furor of the significance of Joshua’s efforts or that he’s just got it plain wrong.

Either way, the American must be hauled in to give his account to one of the three sanctioning bodies involved.

Some have even called for Feldman to get fired.

Hall of Fame promoter Lou DiBella, a long-time advocate for changes in scoring fights, aired his views.

“A big day for boxing. Also a big day for very questionable scorecards. Again a big day to lament how a great sport impugns its credibility with regularity. Also, with virtually no shame and zero consequences.

“Which is the case way too often on big days for boxing.”

Usyk vs Joshua 2

Trainer and podcaster Teddy Atlas went one step further. He stated: “A split decision [for Usyk vs Joshua 2]? Please take away that judge’s license, and never allow him near a scorecard again!”

Former world champion turned promoter Barry McGuigan questioned whether Feldman should face removal, even if he explains the card.

“Appalling. Judges that make decisions like Glenn Feldman’s tonight need to be brought in front of the governing bodies. They need to watch the fight back and explain how they came to that score. Then they need to be sacked.”

Fans also gave their thoughts as bluntly as possible. One claimed: “Round 12 was so one-sided in Usyk’s favor that the only possible explanation for Glenn Feldman giving it to AJ is that he was paid to do so. It’s past incompetence.”

Pacquiao vs Thurman

Another brought the Pacquiao scoring into the equation.

“Investigate Glenn Feldman over Usyk vs Joshua 2. I knew I remembered that name from somewhere. He was the corrupt judge on a Pacquiao card.”

On Usyk’s dominance and Pacquiao’s victory, in which he dropped Thurman to become the oldest welterweight champion, another fan said: “Glenn Feldman is the same judge that controversially gave a winning score card to Thurman after he got a massive hiding from Pacquiao.

“How can this be allowed to continue? The transparency in boxing officiating is non-existent.”

Feldman has faced no consequences for his scorecard despite a huge furor from the boxing fraternity that seems to be ignored by those wielding the sanctioning power.

The same as when the WBA suspended judge Gloria Rizzo for racist comments and a shocking scorecard. A double whammy for the sport.

She spent six months out of action but has since worked twice for the WBA on fight cards in Miami.

Upon returning, there was no mention from the World Boxing Association as to whether Rizzo had to take a judging refresher session or a racism awareness course.

It was merely waiting for the storm to subside before Rizzo quietly returned from a lengthy holiday.

When will it stop?

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

WBN Editor Phil has over ten years of boxing news experience. Follow WBN on Facebook @officialworldboxingnews and Twitter @worldboxingnews.