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Boxer tells foe, “protect yourself at all times” after touch-gloves KO

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Ruben Torres caused a sensation last weekend when laying out opponent Cristian Baez one second after they touched gloves.

As Baez got ready to defend himself, Torres used that split second when he was unawares to put him flat on his back and out of it.

The battle occurred at Omega Products International Event Center in Corona, CA, which Thompson Boxing promoted on its popular “Path To Glory” series.

Ruben Torres touch-gloves KO

Known as “Ace,” Torres moved to 19-0 with a 16th career KO as he caught Baez unawares in their lightweight main event.

From the opening round, both fighters engaged in some heated exchanges, setting the tone for a spectacular fight.

Torres was hit with a powerful left hook from Baez at the end of round one but showed an incredible chin.

In round two, both fighters scored knockdowns; Torres landed a left hook, sending Baez to the canvas. Baez recovered and followed up with a knockdown of his own as he landed a left hook-right hand combo to Torres’ head.

In the middle rounds, Baez was starting to take over the fight as he was landing powerful left hooks to the body and head, a punch Torres was trying to adjust to.

In round seven, Torres scored a flash knockdown with a straight right hand. When Baez got up, the referee ensured he was ok before letting both fighters return to action.

In an incredible turn of events, Baez made the mistake of trying to touch gloves and was blasted with a deadly left hook by Torres. He was brutally knocked out.

The time of the touch-gloves KO was the 1:53 mark of round seven.

Protect Yourself at all Times

Torres spoke afterward about his decision to spark Baez out quickly as he touched gloves.

“They always say protect yourself at all times,” he pointed out. “This is boxing. Fighters like myself are always on the attack.

“The referee gave the signal to start fighting again. I came out guns blazing, especially after I knocked him down.

“I hit him with a left hook, and that was it. The fight was over. I’m ready to move on to bigger and better fights as I march up the rankings.”

Also on the bill, Louie Lopez,  Pedro Valencia, Nelson Oliva, and Ioannis Manouilidis scored victories.

Anthony Saldivar Jr opened the event by moving to 2-0.

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