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Home » Conor McGregor vs Carl Froch gets ugly amid calls for grudge exhibition

Conor McGregor vs Carl Froch gets ugly amid calls for grudge exhibition

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Calls for Conor McGregor and Carl Froch to get it on in an exhibition hit the headlines following a weekend exchange between the pair.

Things got ugly in the wake of Anthony Joshua losing to Oleksandr Usyk as McGregor aimed at Froch.

Conor McGregor Carl Froch

The Irishman said: “That Froch tick [sic] little scrawny pencil neck. I’ll grab his head and twist it clean off at a 1er [sic] with my bare hands.

“Little wally of a thing. I’ll slap you around, you little toffee nose toss pot.”

He later added: “Usyk is some boxer. And Froch is some w***er.”

Getting wind of the furor, Froch fired back.

“Who is this mouthy little prick talking to? I will drag you outside with that wispy beard and show you how the big boys do it!”

The spat blew up and culminated in fans wanting the two former champions to agree on an exhibition.


McGregor and Froch both walk around at the same 190-pound marker right now. This scenario means the fight should be relatively easy to make.

However, interest in seeing Carl Froch fight again would be low, especially in the United States. “The Cobra” couldn’t sell in the US at the best of times, so now would be nigh on impossible – even with McGregor.

He’s enjoying his run with Sky Sports as a pundit, a role in which he added his views about Anthony Joshua throwing his toys out of the pram.

Joshua had a meltdown after losing to Oleksandr Usyk for a second time. Froch witnessed it before commenting.

“He got the mic. He stole Usyk’s moment but let’s not go too mad,” Froch pointed out. “But he didn’t say anything that would have offended anybody too much.

“He was just trying to speak off the cuff. He put his heart on his sleeve, but he did steal Usyk’s moment, and it was a bit strange.

“I didn’t like the way the belts got thrown. It was a great boxing match. I thought it was a great performance.

“But that highlights his passion. How much it meant to him and how much he wanted it.”


McGregor is highly vocal on social media right now, which usually means he has a fight coming up. Whether that would be against Froch is a highly uncertain outcome.

Their exchanges are fun to watch, though.

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