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World Boxing Association launch another belt despite title reduction plan

The World Boxing Association confirmed another title is in circulation despite an ongoing plan to reduce the number of WBA championships.

Confirming their intentions to launch the WBA Continental Europe Belt, whatever that is, the WBA will have fans scratching their heads again.

Another World Boxing Association Belt

In a statement, the WBA said: “Through its Championships Committee, the WBA approved the project of its WBA Europe regional office to promote the “WBA Continental Europe” belt.

“It will launch a new era of the pioneer organization in the Old Continent.

“The proposal is presented by the director of WBA Europe, Mariana Borisova. It will offer new opportunities to the fighters who make life on that continent.

“Also giving a new dimension to the body in the strategic region.

“I am confident that with the approval of this new project, the WBA will be stronger and more powerful in Europe,” Borisova assured.

The WBA continued: “The “WBA Continental Europe” belt confirms the importance of the region in the strategic objectives of the World Boxing Association. It is also a recognition by the WBA of the consistent and extraordinary work done by its regional office.”

Gilberto Mendoza

President Gilberto Mendoza said: “WBA Europe has been doing a tremendous job. Thanks to WBA, growth in the region has been remarkable. We aspire to go to another level, opening this new opportunity to European boxers within our organization.

“The “WBA Continental Europe” belt project is a reality and has the full recognition of our organization. I am sure that with the impetus of Mariana Borisova and her entire team, this project will achieve its objectives for the benefit of boxing. Also, the many talents are emerging in the region today.

“We are very excited about this new challenge opening up before us,” he added.

Borisova indicated that this new era of the WBA in Europe would begin in September. The organization of bouts of the highest standard and top quality boxers.

WBA Europe has had a tremendous penetration in its area of influence. Its objective is to continue growing, giving opportunities and prestige to qualified fighters and champions in the region.

Title reduction plan

At present, the WBA promised to reduce the number of world titles by removing the “Regular” title from circulation. The WBA is over halfway through that process until this recent backward step.

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