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Home » Floyd Mayweather YouTuber opponent LOSES pro debut to 0-3 no-hoper

Floyd Mayweather YouTuber opponent LOSES pro debut to 0-3 no-hoper

Floyd Mayweather YouTuber Rashed Belhasa, or Money Kicks as he likes to be known, lost his professional boxing debut in a pitiful effort.

The vlogger who somehow managed to get Mayweather to visit his home and agree to a future fight – had zero skills to call upon.

Opponent Traycho Georgiev, who had been knocked out three times and never passed two rounds, was too good for Kicks.

Floyd Mayweather

Speaking about his ambitions in boxing previously, Belhasa had called out Mayweather.

“Today, I’m here to talk about all my potential opponents – those who called me out, like Bryce Hall and FaZe Jarvis.

“The most important of them all my potential money fight with Floyd Money Mayweather.”

Amazingly, Mayweather announced he would fight Kicks, something WBN was disgusted with at the time.

WBN wrote: “Now, with dollar signs firmly in their eyes, Mayweather and Belhasa are planning to use their millions of followers to partner up.

Pay Per View

“They will make a substantial Pay Per View purse from their online popularity alone.

“Taking on the paid platform this way is becoming the norm in the 2020s. Seemingly, having millions of people following your social media is a right of passage to use boxing to make a fast buck.

“Sadly, our sport gets pillaged by many that shouldn’t even be allowed to lace up a pair of gloves and charge the public one cent to see their lack of skills.

“It’s a shocking situation.

“Unbelievably, we have landed here. Floyd Mayweather is taking a lot of blame for that fact.

“His fight with McGregor sold over four million PPVs. It was the benchmark for talentless YouTubers to take advantage of their subscribers for financial gain.

“Furthermore, only boxing suffers from this current trend. Let’s hope this one goes away.”

Money Kicks

The fight fell through, and gladly Kicks has now been put in his place.

Belhasa embarrassed himself and had no business having sanction to fight with his inability.

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