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Joshua vs Usyk 2: predictions and expectations for the fight

All boxing fans will know that the heavyweight division often throws up the most headline-grabbing bouts. This is certainly true when you think of the upcoming rematch between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, this weekend. After their first meeting in 2021, the stage is set for a blistering encounter that should bring up lots of talking points.

But what can we expect to see from Joshua vs Usyk 2? 

Why look at predictions for Joshua vs Usyk 2? 

Before we take a look at what many expect to happen in this big-name clash, it is worth pinning down why checking out the predictions makes sense. In general terms, you will be more prepared for the fight and how it could all pan out. Following all the latest tips also keeps you up to date with developments and helps build a sense of excitement leading up to the bout.

Sports bettors can also benefit from looking into the predictions and tips for this clash. This is because it will help them make any bet from an informed position, and know everything they need to before putting their money down. 

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What might happen in Joshua vs Usyk 2? 

When it comes down to it, this is what everyone is trying to work out, pre-fight. The simple answer is that no one really knows for sure and anything could happen in Jeddah on the night. 

For now, though, the best place to start is with the result from Joshua vs Usyk 1 in September 2021. This bout was held in London and saw Joshua lose to Usyk on a unanimous points decision. In truth, Joshua was well beaten in that first fight and this might spell trouble for him in the rematch. If Usyk can keep AJ at bay with his fast, accurate jab again, then it could be a long evening’s work for the UK boxer. It could also see Usyk take another points decision and defend his title. 

You also have to factor in that Joshua will not be performing in front of a home crowd this time, and instead will travel to Saudi Arabia to fight. Although the home advantage did not work out for him last time, you just don’t know how being away from his loyal fans in London will affect his performance. Usyk’s awesome physique for this rematch also doesn’t bode well for AJ’s chances in the ring!

Joshua will be extra motivated to do well 

One thing that works in Joshua’s favor is that he must surely be extra motivated to succeed in this bout. There is no doubt that the loss to Usyk last September hurt him and saw him come in for some pretty fierce criticism. He will not only be desperate to answer his critics with a resounding win but also keen to take back his title. This could see him pumped up to put on a strong showing. 

The other thing to consider is a change in trainer for Joshua in this fight. Robert Garcia has come into his camp and this has reportedly signaled a more aggressive, front-foot boxing style from Joshua. If he can pressure Usyk with this and land a power punch on the dangerous Ukrainian, it could work out well for him. 

What do the experts say about the fight? 

It is interesting to see that two of the biggest names in boxing have both tipped Usyk to win again! Tyson Fury is on record as saying that the Ukrainian is too quick, too clever and too tricky as a southpaw for Joshua to beat. Fury also hinted at Joshua’s new front-foot style leaving him open to more blows from Usyk.

Mike Tyson has also been in the press to comment on this fight, and is going with a Usyk win. He points to the Ukrainian’s superior speed and tough jab as problems that Joshua might not be able to handle. 

Joshua vs Usyk 2 could be a classic

If you love boxing then you will be eagerly awaiting this fight and well aware that it should be an awesome clash. With Joshua desperate to avenge his defeat last year and Usyk also eager to win, it could well be one of the best bouts in boxing history.