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Adrien Broner draws debate on licensing boxers with mental illness

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Adrien Broner withdrawing due to mental health issues has raised a debate on whether boxers with those problems should get cleared to fight.

“The Problem” was set to face Omar Figueroa, another competitor with admitted depression, until a week before the bout.

Broner released a statement outlining that he doesn’t feel one hundred percent ready to get in the ring.

Should Adrien Broner be licensed?

A mixture of sympathy and questioning followed until an injury lawyer, John Einreinhofer, entered the argument.

Einreinhofer asked whether a boxer with issues raised by Broner should even get licensed with the increased risk of concussions.

“CTE cannot be diagnosed in the living,” he pointed out. “But considering CTE and head injury are known to increase depression, anxiety, etc., considering what we now know, boxing is going to have to come to a reckoning about whether boxers with serious mental health issues should continue to fight.

Einreinhofer makes a great point. One which could get taken more seriously as time passes and more high-profile fighters feel this way.

Ryan Garcia, a superstar with Golden Boy, pulled out of a contest in 2021, citing similar problems. He returned successfully in 2022.

“King Ry” offered his support to Broner while also asking for more to be done to help those boxers in need.

“Boxers usually have fought their whole life. Do you believe they just became scared ten years later?

“They also make no money. Usually, that’s a boxer’s only source of income. Because of the lack of attention to their mental health, some turn to drugs or alcohol for help.”

Adrien Broner support

On Broner, he said: “Love you, AB. I know it’s not easy to step back and take time from the ring. But no doubt taking this time, you will come back healthier and stronger.

“Focusing on your mental health is not a weakness. It’s a strength. You got my support.”

Hall of Fame promoter Lou DiBella responded to some who stated Broner made an excuse either for being off weight or due to his extracurricular activities.

“No, man. Broner has been unwell for years. That’s been apparent,” stated DiBella.

“I like AB. He isn’t a bad guy. He’s troubled and saying, “I can’t fight. I’m unwell”.

“That’s a great step. He doesn’t owe you, Omar, or anyone else proof.”

Showtime Boxing

Broner seems to have similar support from Showtime Boxing. However, the true extent of the situation has not yet revealed itself.

Last year, Broner was hospitalized twice and had to overcome deep issues to get back in the gym. He went through a ten-week camp only for the Figueroa fight to get delayed.

Showtime at least owes him one more chance. That’s if he’s up to making another comeback.

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