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Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia stalls, Maxi Hughes explained

Gervonta Davis facing Ryan Garcia on Pay Per View seems an unlikely scenario, given how recent discussions went down.

The undefeated stars are on course for a future fight. And fans got excited after Garcia announced his intentions to seek the clash next.

However, Oscar De La Hoya and Leonard Ellerbe can’t agree on many points, judging by comments in the media.

Gervonta Davis and the A-side

Ellerbe is adamant Tank is the A-side. De La Hoya argues his man should be the top dog.

“I think there’s room to get everybody to just sit down in a room and figure this one out because there’s too much money involved, such a great fight now,” De La Hoya told FightHub TV.

“I think this fight here between Gervonta and Ryan would be one of those fights where we haven’t seen two young fighters at their prime, or just reaching their prime, fighting each other.

I’m someone who knows reality, a fighter inside the ring, and a businessman who knows how to step back and analyze everything and do what’s fair.”

On going back down to 135 if that’s what Davis wants, De La Hoya added: “He felt very comfortable in the Fortuna fight, at 140.

“I can’t speak for him. I can’t speak for a fighter, and I can’t really say for yourself because of the fighter. The individual only knows how he’s feeling.

“I have to leave that one up to Ryan because that’s his expertise there. He knows how his body feels. He knows what he has to do, how he has to train, cutting the weight, all that stuff.

“Everything else I can answer except for that.”

Ryan Garcia at 140

De La Hoya continued: “Ryan’s been campaigning at 135. I fought at 130, being taller than he is.

“It’s a matter of how much you want it. It’s a matter of how much discipline, dedication, desire, all that good stuff.

“So I see Ryan making 135 with no problem, but I see him comfortable at 140. Again, it’s a negotiation. It’s a matter of giving one or two or three pounds.

“That’s going to come down the road. Those are negotiations that will take place, but down the road.”

Finally, on DAZN sharing PPV rights with Showtime, the Golden Boy promoter concluded: “Ryan Garcia is signed to Golden Boy Promotions, and DAZN is our broadcasting partner.

“So to make this fight, both parties have to participate. It wouldn’t be fair or good business to leave DAZN out of this.

“They’ve helped me build Ryan Garcia on DAZN. They’ve spent a lot of money. It wouldn’t be fair. It wouldn’t be good business.

“Fights of this magnitude have been worked out many times. And it’s a matter of figuring it out. Look, it’s going to take Stephen Espinoza and Joe Markowski from DAZN to sit down with the promoters and everyone involved to iron this out.

“It’s too big of a fight not to make it. And most importantly, the fighters want it.”

Maxi Hughes offer

As things stand right now, fans are still none-the-wiser as to whether either side will agree on a deal. Tank vs Garcia is in doubt, especially when one of the fighters is looking for other opponents.

Garcia outlined that he made an offer to UK boxer Maxi Hughes for what he says was a stay-busy fight.

“I just wanted to clear the air on Maxi Hughes,” said Garcia. “I wanted to keep active, so I asked if he wanted to fight before I fight Gervonta.

“But the team said that wasn’t possible. Staying in the ring is good for me, and I didn’t want to wait that long. That’s where my head was.”

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