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‘Indisciplined’ Adrien Broner attacked, told to prove mental illness

Adrien Broner faced a barrage from opponent Omar Figueroa over his pullout of their scheduled Showtime fight.

Figueroa, who suffers from mental issues, accused Broner of looking for a way out of a troubled camp after withdrawing.

Adrien Broner pullout

“As we all know, my fight against that mf Broner is off,” Figueroa said. “Now, I don’t mind because this is something we expected.

“We had plans in motion to mitigate most of the aftermath. What really p***es me off is that now this mf wants to use mental health as an excuse.

“That I have a problem with because you don’t get to cry mental health now!”

He added on Broner’s training camp: “I’m not saying you don’t suffer from mental health issues as we can tell you do.

“But just don’t use it as an excuse now after you’ve been undisciplined and not taking this fight training camp seriously!”

Evidence of mental health

Figueroa also told Broner to show any evidence of seeking help for his illness.

“If it really is mental health, please show us the proof that you went and sought professional help.

“You love to post all your [stuff] on social media. Why not let us in on your mental health recovery?

“You don’t get to undermine mine and countless others’ journey and struggles with mental health because of your undisciplined and childishness!”

Broner needs help

Pulling out of the fight, Broner had said: “Sorry to all my fans, but mental health is real. I’m not about to play inside the ring.

“I’ve watched a lot of people die playing with their boxing career, and that is something I won’t do. Just pray for me.

“I love the sport of boxing too much not to give my all. I feel Like I came up short before because my mind wasn’t 100% there. I’ll be damned if I make that mistake again.

“But I need to make some changes for the better instead of worrying about other people’s feelings and pleasing them. When In all reality, I have nothing to prove to nobody.

“I’m a four-time world champion in four different weight classes. If I never lace up a pair of gloves again, I feel like it’s safe to say I will be inducted into the Boxing Hall Of Fame.

“So I must step back and overcome this obstacle before I put my life on the line inside the square circle again.

“I know I’m far from being finished with the sport. See you all soon.”

Figueroa now faces Sergey Lipinets in the main event. While Broner faces being dropped from any future Showtime headliner if he cannot guarantee future participation.

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