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Home » Tyson Fury branded ‘boring’ by fans for constant retirement u-turns

Tyson Fury branded ‘boring’ by fans for constant retirement u-turns

Tyson Fury retiring yet again didn’t go as smoothly as the soon-to-not-be WBC heavyweight champion would like.

“The Gypsy King” announced for the seventh time in eight years that he would be stepping away from the sport.

As much as Fury has pleased the vast majority of UK fans, lots of them greeted the confirmation with contempt.

Tyson Fury was branded boring

They said: “Tyson Fury’s retirement announcements are almost as boring as his anti-gambling professions.

“He then publicly offers Jake Paul a £500k wager every other week.”

“God, you are boring now. Great news to see you go through. Now please give up the WBC belt and let someone else fight for it.

“Have a nice retirement for a week until you announce your sensational comeback.”

“Love Fury, but the on/off retirement thing is getting boring now, ffs.”

Strip him of the title

“Fury is boring me now. WBC should strip him of the title and let the next two in line fight for it. When he can be arsed, he can just win it back again.

“I get he’s on the wind-up, but it’s getting stale now.

“Love Fury, but it’s getting boring now. More in and outs than the hokey cokey.”

“Boring now, oh KING, you’ll change your mind next week, or even in the next 24 hours. You just like the attention, fair play to you!

“Keeps your name out there for when you next need to sell a PPV fight.”

“Has anybody retired more than Tyson Fury, boring b***ard?

Usyk vs AJ 2

“Tyson Fury circus is beyond boring now. His decision will change again after the AJ Usyk fight. #BoringFury.”

“Tyson Fury is getting boring now with the retiring talk. Just fight who you are going to fight.

“He’s boring now, Fury. Retire then and call it a day and vacate WBC, then your spout best to do it while not even fighting everyone from your era!”

“Love Fury, but this is getting boring now. He was fighting Chisora yesterday.”

Two of the top five

The fight with Derek Chisora fell apart due to a lack of interest from the public. Meanwhile, not waiting for the Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua rematch to play out seems a strange decision.

Fury could face the winner for an undisputed title chance in the summer of 2023. However, he seems content to ride off into the sunset, having faced only two [Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder] of the top five [Usyk, Joshua, Andy Ruiz Jr.] heavyweights of the last decade.

He’s also only defended a world heavyweight title twice – an unbelievable statistic for such a generational talent.

Maybe he’ll change his mind next week?

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