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Chris Eubank Jr. reveals shocking Conor Benn rehydration clause

Chris Eubank Jr. lifted the lid on the rehydration clause in place that will be a sickener to his body for a fight with Conor Benn.

The 32-year-old says being forced to drop three pounds to a weight not reached in fourteen years will save Benn from a public execution.

Chris Eubank Jr. rehydration clause

Eubank Jr, who spoke absolute sense during the press conference, knows he must get suppressed to make October 8 any viable contest.

The former two-time super-middleweight titlist will have to make 157 pounds at the October 7 weigh-in. If he doesn’t, he’ll face a massive monetary penalty, or the fight will get scrapped.

At Friday’s media event, Eubank revealed the rehydration clause prevents him from being over 162 pounds on a Saturday check scaling.

Considering he spent most of his career competing at 168, that’s rancid for Eubank.

Junior admits it will be horrible to waif that far from a usual weight of around 180 pounds. And he’s forced to remain not far from that mark until the day of the fight.

The Brighton man says he accepted the challenge to keep the Eubank name above the Benn legacy.


“For him, it’s a win-win, and for me, if I lose to Conor Benn on October 8, I’m finished,” pointed out Eubank.

“My goal is to fight for a world title next year. I can’t lose to Conor Benn and then expect to fight for a middleweight world title. It can’t happen.

“Nothing like this has ever happened before in the sport’s history. Two legends went into a ring thirty years ago and inspired a nation.

“They became superstars and etched their names into not just boxing history but British history.

“Now, 30 years later, their son, who have both made themselves in the sport of boxing, will get in the ring.

“The Eubank and Benn name will go to war for the third time. Nothing like this has ever happened before, and I don’t think it will happen again, ever.


“That’s why I took this fight. We have to uphold those names to the best of our ability. That’s where it makes it personal for me. I must ensure the Eubank name stays on top of the Benn name.”

On making the weight and signing for the boiling down mission, Chris Eubank Jr. is fully aware of why the terms had to happen.

“If I’m at one hundred percent, then it’s a public execution. I’ll be sixty percent on the night, and that’ll be enough to do whatever I want with you,” he told Benn.

Concluding on the legacy of their dads, Eubank said he had no choice but to take it personally.

“I don’t hate anybody. But I would never give anyone that type of power over me. I don’t even dislike Conor. But at the same time, this fight is personal.

“The things his father put my father through, I can’t forget, and I can’t forgive.

“I watched the mental toll and the injuries. I watched him going to the hospital and losing half his tongue. But I watched Nigel tell my father on national TV that he hated him.

“These are things I certainly can’t forgive. This is a fight where our family names are on the line. We have to uphold them. That’s where it makes it personal.”

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