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World Boxing Association secures tenth division with one champion

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World Boxing Association chiefs ratified that another division no longer has a secondary ‘regular’ titleholder in its midst.

The cruiserweight division now has only one champion by the WBA, the Frenchman Arsen Goulamirian.

Belgian Ryad Merhy formally resigned his world champion position and will not face the bout ordered by the WBA championships committee between the two fighters.

One World Boxing Association champion per division

The former champion sent his letter of resignation to the WBA. He stated his reasons for taking another route in his career.

Merhy is not fighting Goulamirian in the mandatory fight.

With cruiserweight, there are now ten divisions with only one champion. The WBA plans to reduce the number of world titles and continue to move forward.

The Committee will continue making decisions. They will order fights to reach the goal of having only one champion for each weight class.

Davies vs Martin

The bidding for the World Boxing Association (WBA) super lightweight eliminator fight between British Ohara Davies and Spanish Sandor Martin got canceled on Friday.

Martin announced that he would not participate.

The Iberian stressed that he does not intend to take the bout as he currently has other plans for his career.

Now, the ranking committee has started appointing Davies’ next opponent. He will be looking for the next available ranked fighter to face the Englishman in this elimination bout.

The next opponent’s name will be announced in the coming days once the next ranked fighters are spoken to and checked for their availability to take on the challenge.

Eubank vs Benn

Chris Eubank Jr. and Conor Benn participated in the press conference to present their fight on October 8, in London, England.

The showdown has a lot of sentimental value since it embodies the great rivalry their fathers, Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn, had decades ago, generating many expectations.

Eubank Jr. vs Benn has tension and words of complete self-confidence. The press well attended the event. As the promoter says, it is already beginning to heat up for the bout, which has two fighters who were born rivals.

The fight happens at 157 pounds, according to reports. Everyone should note that Eubank has been campaigning at 168 recently.

While Benn has been fighting at 147 pounds, a category in which he is WBA continental champion.

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