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Juan Estrada stripped of WBA title ahead of Chocolatito trilogy

Pound for Pound star Juan Estrada has been stripped of the WBA super-flyweight title ahead of his third fight with Roman Gonzalez.

The WBA released a statement confirming they have ‘disowned’ Estrada.

Juan Estrada stripped of WBA title

“The Championships Committee of the World Boxing Association (WBA) decided to withdraw the recognition of Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada as super flyweight champion of the organization.

“With the decision, Joshua Franco remains the only 115-pound champion by the pioneer body.

“The decision was made based on the WBA internal rules and considering all the events that have taken place in recent months.

“Estrada won the title on March 13, 2021, with a victory over Roman Gonzalez. On February 9 this year, the committee ordered him to fight Joshua Franco, the mandatory challenger.

“Subsequently, on April 4, the WBA sent the fight to a purse bid.

“On April 19, the bidding took place with the sole participation of Golden Boy Promotions, Franco’s representatives, who won the rights to promote the fight.

“On May 16, the signed contracts were sent for the fight to take place on July 16.

“Subsequently, on July 22, the committee sent a document to Estrada requesting information about his future plans in boxing. This scenario was since it was one year and four months without a title defense.

“Taking into account that all fighters and their representatives must know the WBA rules and that rule D-14 states that a fight that went to auction must take place between 45 and 90 days after the date on which the fight took place, the committee decided Estrada.”

Juan Estrada vs Gonzalez trilogy

At the same time, the WBC confirmed that Estrada would face Gonzalez again later this year.

Carlos Blandon, the Manager and Attorney of Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez, is confirming that a third fight against Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada will happen in December, and it’ll be the decider in their trilogy.

Carlos and Roman attended the Martes a Cafe WBC Press Conference in the brand new The Jab Gym in Mexico City. In an interview, Carlos stressed: “Definitely, everything has been agreed upon concerning all the contractual obligations. So the fight with Estrada is scheduled for December.

“The trilogy/the rubber match. We’re all greatly looking forward to it. We know that Gallo wants a tune-up fight, and we understand that. But we absolutely want the very best Gallo Estrada to confront Roman. We just want him to be careful.”

So what does Chocolatito have to do to put the third fight beyond doubt and beyond the reach of Gallo?

Carlos Blandon

Carlos Blandon responds: “I think a KO would be very impressive if it comes. I think Roman has all the qualities to look for a knockout. But we’re looking to win the fight.

“And I know Roman is going to prepare himself the same way he did for their second fight, which we saw him winning, and this upcoming fight, to be even more precise in everything that he can do.”

Carlos says that Chocolatito still has a lot in the tank and retains a diversity of talent to offer, insisting: “Only God can tell us how long Roman will be in the sport. The fact that he has no vices helps him a lot, and he’s in great physical condition. I think there’s a lot more we can do.

“There are unification bouts that we’re interested in. Also, we would love to win the one hundred and eighteen pounds division.

“Definitely, he’s doing everything to be at the top of his game. The Martinez fight was excellent. He’s ready to give a couple more years and a couple more fights to add to his already legendary curriculum.”

Juan Estrada vs. Roman Gonzalez Estrada vs. Gonzalez
Ed Mulholland


Chocolatito looking a little heavy jowled and attired more like a banker than a boxer, remembered his masterclass against Julio Cesar “Rey” Martinez fondly, saying: “It was a very beautiful fight, in which I did a lot of good work. He’s a great young fighter with a lot of potentials, and he has the capability of doing a lot more.”

The result of fight two against Gallo still rankles with Chocolatito, but he praises Estrada as a talented and brave opponent, saying now the aim is to advance to number three and to win it.

Roman says that his idol Alexis Arguello helped train him. He learned so much from him, leading him to championships, and he wants to end his career by winning championships in five divisions.

“I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I feel great in training camp. You have to work much more than others in boxing if you want more. Experience, defensive qualities, and really hard work. These are important keys.”

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