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Eubank Jr vs Benn: Catchweight the issue to extend buried feud

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Chris Eubank Jr. faces being weight-drained to accommodate the extension of a Eubank-Benn family rivalry buried for years.

With both fighters having few options on their respective platforms at Wasserman and DAZN, it seemed a no-brainer to pit Eubank with Conor Benn.

Eubank Jr vs Benn catchweight

However, Eubank hasn’t weighed less than 158 pounds his entire eleven-year career and will undoubtedly get asked to push further down.

Benn usually scales at 147 in the welterweight division. Therefore, asking Eubank Jr. to come in between 155 and 157 pounds is an expected target.

Both sides will squeeze the weight so the UK can have a super-fight living off the names of their famous fathers, Chris Sr. and Nigel Benn. The pair of whom squashed their beef a long time ago.

Eubank discussed the forthcoming clash on October 8th in London but did not mention the most significant issue surrounding the fight.

Born Rivals

“I grew up watching their legendary battles. I always wanted to emulate that,” said Eubank Jr.

“[I wanted to] find my own arch-nemesis. Could this now be Conor Benn? We will find out,” he added.

Eubank Jr. questioned whether Benn truly has the credentials after scoring only a couple of decent fringe world-level wins at his own weight class.

“He has walked the same path as I have. I know his struggle. He is living in the shadow of a legend and trying to break out of that shadow and make his own name.

“If he can beat me, his name will be made, and he will never walk in his father’s shadow again.

“It’s a fight that’s going to spark the imagination of the British public. That’s what I’m happy about.

“In terms of anticipation, legacy, and hype, it’s the biggest fight of my career.”

Eubank Jr vs Benn PPV push

Benn knows pushing up to super-welterweight [or just over] will not harm his title chances at the lower weight class. Therefore, for a career-high payday and the possibility of being a UK Pay Per View headliner moving forward, it makes sense for promoter Eddie Hearn to pitch him in with the dangerous Eubank Jr.

Especially now that Anthony Joshua’s options will get limited with another loss to Oleksandr Usyk. Benn could be that replacement if he can pull off what would amount to a shock victory.

“The Destroyer” is looking forward to the challenge.

“This fight is for the legacy and was an opportunity I felt I couldn’t pass up,” said Benn. “My team and I had other options on the table as I’m currently ranked top five with all governing bodies at welterweight.

“No doubt I’m looking for a championship fight very soon. But this fight is embedded with so much history.

“I know it’s one the public really wants to see. To me, this fight is personal. It’s more than titles and rankings. This is unfinished business between our families!”

He added: “Born Rivals is the perfect calling for this fight. Because we have always been associated, I’ve always been asked if we’d ever fight, and now I can’t wait for the world to be able to watch us make that happen.

The last man standing

“All I know is that from my side, this will be an all-out war, last man standing kind of fight. Neither will give up until the final bell rings.

“I won’t be looking to take this to the scorecards, though. This will be explosive from the off. I’m so up for this.”

Eubank will begin a huge favorite to take Benn out on the night. However, the build-up will get tailored to give Benn every chance of an unlikely upset.

A good big ‘un always beats a good little ‘un, as they say in the UK.

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