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Betting on the boxing with Stake

Boxing is one of the most popular sports to bet on. This could be for a few reasons, such as the demographic of punters that like a bet are the sorts to watch boxing, or it may be because gambling is deeply rooted in boxing history.

So, betting on boxing is nothing new, but offers something a little bit different: betting using crypto.

Crypto gambling

Crypto and gambling are becoming increasingly intertwined. Again with demographics, those who are risk-taking may see crypto as a worthy gamble in the same way as they do with sports betting.

But it’s actually the functional benefits that crypto offers which is causing its strides into the world of betting. One thing that many people get annoyed with is the administration of betting. When signing up, you must prove your identity, address, and fill in a lot of personal information.

The issue with this isn’t just the time that’s involved, but that it’s not particularly private. Whilst the data is stored safely, transactions still appear on your bank statements and the company can keep an eye on you.

Crypto gambling is essentially a way to sign up with no real personal information. Just an anonymous name and a crypto wallet are all you need to get started.

Plus, crypto transactions are notoriously fast. Without the middleman of Visa and MasterCard, there’s nothing slowing them down. Plus blockchain technology works very quickly, with minimal transaction fees. There can be costly fees with crypto exchanges (where you buy crypto) but this is somewhat a more general problem outside of betting site’s control. Plus if you already own crypto then you needn’t buy any more from an exchange!

What it’s like to use is just one of many crypto gambling sites, but the vibe of them are all fairly similar. They’re licensed overseas in places like Curacao for obvious reasons, and they’re not as generous with welcome bonuses for new customers as perhaps a Bet365 Ontario sportsbook review suggests non-crypto ones are. This is because they can’t guarantee you’re not replicating many accounts to spam the promotions due to the lack of KYC (know your customer).

But, it supports crypto, and the odds are very good for boxing matches. In most of the important ways, it’s just like any other sportsbook. It doesn’t feel clunky or raw, and most boxing and MMA bouts that can be betted on in the likes of Bet365 are available.

Such crypto-gambling sites used to lay very much on the fringes of the internet, but the likes of are large, established companies that have growing credibility around them. There’s customer service, overseas licensing, and a fully-fledged loyalty program that can lead to bonuses and promotions.

In fact, scored a partnership deal with Watford FC. If an English Premier League football team is willing to put their trust in them – and they have much more to lose than any given gambler – then it’s an indication that crypto gambling is now mainstream and here to stay.