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Key Factors To Choose A Boxer For Online Betting

Betting on boxing is popular worldwide. But not every bettor who chooses it for online betting is sufficiently versed in the nuances of boxing. Let’s rank the priority qualities of boxers in terms of their influence on the final victory to increase betting chances.

Amateur Experience

That’s the most important characteristic of a boxer for those who pick online betting on this sport. It’s always worth getting to know a boxer’s background. Athletes with 400-500 fights under their belt know everything about boxing. No opponent will be a revelation to him. Professional boxers gain experience much faster than amateurs. You have to take into account the titles of Olympic champions and medalists, as well as winners of world championships and individual continental championships.

Good Feet

Footwork is a cornerstone skill in boxing. Mayweather, Pacquiao, de la Hoya are legendary fighters who moved beautifully in the ring. Without legs, as fancy as it sounds, you can’t get far in boxing. An online betting user should consider this boxer’s skill set by watching a couple of rounds of his fights online.


A wonderful addition to footwork is great defense. In fact, boxers are initially taught to defend themselves, and only then to inflict damage on their opponent. Before placing a bet, it’s necessary to look at the athlete’s record – are there any knockout defeats? Even a few falls in the ring are a sign that the boxer’s defense isn’t all right. Experienced amateurs with a good defense rarely fall down at all.


Sometimes a great boxer lacks the initiative to win. Fans with experience remember how Oscar de la Hoya gave the win to Felix Trinidad by not showing initiative in the last third of the fight in the fight he actually won. It happens quite often. Mayweather many times walked on the verge of losing just because of his unwillingness to actively fight. A boxer who is focused and motivated will always try to hold the initiative in his hands. The boxer’s initiative signals to the bettor that if the fight is even, he will win, because the judges prefer the more “busy”, as the coaches say, athlete.

Strong Blow

A strong punch isn’t the most determining factor in choosing a favorite for a future fight. A lot of people hit hard, but not everyone hits. But we should remember that a boxer is a natural puncher. It’s not hard to read it in his record. The number of victories by knockout can be expressed as 90-95% of the total number of wins. But still, it’s worth taking into consideration the boxer’s last fights. If in matches with strong opposition, the number of wins by knockout again exceeds 50%, then the fighter is really a puncher. Even in a fight that is being lost cleanly, he can suddenly land a surprise blow, knocking his opponent to the floor. A person who want to succeed in online betting should definitely consider the puncher’s chance.


Aggressive melee fighters are probably the most dangerous opponents after technical all-rounders. They are constantly on the move, as they are quite aware of their punching power and considerable reserve of their stamina. A tempo punching infighter with a strong chin is one of the most preferred targets in boxing betting. There are many such fighters in rings around the world, the choice will depend on the athlete’s additional skills.


Counter punchers always have a trump card up their sleeve. Sometimes it is simply impossible to hit the opponent because he defends so well, but a good counter puncher can always do it. The counterpunching style of fighting almost certainly indicates a great boxing school.