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Jake Paul: Three dates set to fight a boxer – zero executed

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Jake Paul faces more questions from boxing fans as a third event falls apart with a professional boxer in the opposite corner.

After beating four no-hopers in the sport, the YouTuber promised to face Tommy Fury in December 2021. The fight didn’t happen.

Jake Paul cancels boxing events

Instead, Paul drafted in a man he’d already out-weighed massively and defeated in UFC’s Tyron Woodley.

The Disney star rearranged the Fury fight, but again, it fell apart. Visa issues opened up on Fury’s side that Paul could have resolved if he took the fight elsewhere.

He didn’t, and that fight was gone, possibly forever.

Thirdly, Paul promised to step up to the plate and battle heavyweight Hasim Rahman Jr.

Laying down the weight stipulations for the fight, Paul knew what he was getting into when announcing the event with only a month to go.

Hasim Rahman’s weight stipulation

Both sides agreed to the Showtime Pay Per View, stating that Rahman would be fined $25,000 for each pound over the 200-pound limit.

However, poor sales dogged the Madison Square Garden bout despite comparisons by Showtime Head of Boxing Stephen Espinoza between Paul and Vasily Lomachenko.

“Vasiliy Lomachenko did something similar. He headlined the Garden in his sixth professional fight at 5-1,” said Espinoza when attempting to drum up support to fill a 20,000-capacity arena with a vlogger.

“But Jake’s doing it one fight sooner. He’s headlining a Pay-Per-View event. He’s doing it without the benefit of 400 amateur fights and two gold medals.

“What Jake is doing is remarkable. But more importantly, you can’t call what he’s doing a hobby, a fad, or a stunt. This is a full-time profession for Jake, a full commitment. Boxing is now his calling card and number one pursuit.”

Called off each time

Now, Paul might have been ‘doing it,’ but the fact is he still hasn’t done ‘it.’

Three times he’s promised to fight a boxer. Three times it’s fallen apart. There’s a pattern emerging here.

Espinoza continued: “Jake moves the needle like no one else. We at SHOWTIME are proud to be in business with him.

“He’s bringing the sport to a new audience. The same can be said of Amanda Serrano, who inspires multitudes of young girls whenever she fights.

“We’re proud to have Amanda back on SHOWTIME. We’re proud of our history with women’s boxing and proud to have Amanda back for the fifth time.”

Jake Paul turned down replacement boxers

Due to Paul turning down replacements and not having anyone on standby, Serrano misses out on a world title defense. Paul has been criticized for not at least moving the rest of the show elsewhere.

Instead, he kept it all about himself and how he’s been wronged by Rahman’s inability to drop the weight.

If Paul honestly believed Rahman would come in at the cruiserweight stipulation, even when he’s a heavyweight, there should not have been a punishment for being over that benchmark.

The whole situation reeks of Jake Paul promising much regarding an actual career in the sport but failing to deliver every single time.

Sadly, the circus still hasn’t come to town.

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