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Home » Lyndon Arthur joins Wasserman after sparring Artur Beterbiev

Lyndon Arthur joins Wasserman after sparring Artur Beterbiev

Wasserman Boxing are delighted to have secured the signing of Lyndon Arthur (19-1, 13 KOs) to add to its already elite stable.

The promotion looks forward to getting the hungry light heavyweight out there and starting what is destined to be a very successful journey together.

“I went a little quiet after my last fight, and we just spent time fishing around for who could provide the best platform for me, someone who will get behind me and give me the best opportunities,” said Arthur.

“Wasserman Boxing did that; I instantly had a good feeling about what they could do for me and they sounded as happy to work with me as I was with them. You don’t want to get that feeling that you’re the B-side when you’re working with a promotion, I understand it’s business, but Wasserman have been welcoming and shown they want to put work into me.”

“They seem happy to work and to push my brand and my platform to get me back into the right fights for title contention. I feel like they’ll help direct my career in the right way. I’m excited to see what’s about to happen.”

With excitement already building regarding this tremendous addition to the Wasserman Boxing family, the work Arthur has been putting in outside of the ring showcases his intentions. Training with some of the worlds best, he’s ready to show everyone why he’s right at home competing at the top.

“I’ve been out in Canada sparring with Artur Beterbiev for his last fight, and I’ve been out in San Francisco training with Josh Buatsi. I’ve been making sure that I’m putting the work in and sharpening my skillset by staying busy in the gym.”

“Beterbiev is an animal, a monster, and he is what you see. Away from boxing, he’s a lovely person, but he’s very very good at what he does. I didn’t feel out of my depth, but he is talented.”

“Buatsi is also very good at what he does,” continued Arthur. “We boxed back in 2014 and I’ve been on the Team GB squad with him, we don’t speak every day but I only have good words to say about him. Again, he’s an animal in the boxing ring, and it’s all great experiences.”

It is a rejuvenated Arthur, ready to capitalise on plenty of lessons learnt to make use of the prime years he now begins to enter. Suffering a hiccup last time out, he’s admittedly a little wiser and ready to get in the ring and show the fire is roaring within his belly.

“It’s good to be in the company of all the talented fighters at Wasserman, and it gives me more ambition to push on and be up there with the best. I feel my name is solid within the British scene, and a few might have forgotten about me recently, but I’ll be reminding people when I fight again soon and they will talk again.”

“Channel 5 is a great platform, it’ll be watched all over, and with it being free-to-air it’ll continue to have good viewing numbers. I think this platform will help my fanbase to keep growing.”

“I’m excited for the future.”

Wasserman’s Head of Global Boxing, Kalle Sauerland, expressed his delight for being the ones to get Arthur to sign on the dotted line.

“Lyndon needs no introduction, but equally deserves a fantastic welcome into Wasserman Boxing,” he said.

“Adding someone of his ambition, quality, and firepower not only says statements about what we want to do, but about him wanting to join us and use our platform as soon as he possibly can.”

“I’ve been doing this long enough to have a cool approach to business, but I cannot deny how excited I am to showcase this mans talents. Boxing royalty, ‘King Arthur’ is here!”