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Home » Iranian Hulk faces mother’s wrath again after getting knocked out

Iranian Hulk faces mother’s wrath again after getting knocked out

The Iranian Hulk got wiped out in one round of his first boxing match over the weekend. His mom certainly won’t be happy with her son.

Sajad Gharibi returned to the ring under the radar after his fight with Martyn Ford was canceled earlier in the year.

Iranian Hulk

At the time, Gharibi suffered a breakdown stating he could go through with the fight after the press conference went wrong.

Ford massively out-sized the Instagram star, known for his authoritarian figure. In the flesh, Gharibi is much smaller than his image.

This fact has led to Gharibi being labeled a “catfish strongman” by online critics.

In Gharibi’s defense, when preparing for the Wicked N Bad promoted internet boxing event, he did look handy with his fists.

Qazaq Titan

However, when it came to it, Gharibi wilted under pressure against opponent Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich, known as the “Qazaq Titan.”

The Kazakhstani puncher also doesn’t look too much like the photos he posts on social media. But he got the job done inside a round.

Gharibi has not appeared on TV in his homeland since the last debacle with Ford. At the time, you could sense the whole charade was getting to him.

“I cannot call my family. When I returned to Iran, I didn’t go to my family,” he pointed out. “I can’t. I can’t talk to my father.

Mother Gharibi

“When I talked to my mother, she said, ‘The person that I saw in the video was not my son. My son is way stronger than this.’

“Something hurts my heart. When someone can’t talk to his family, I lose my pride. I am destroyed.

“My family said, ‘You will go there and finish him.’ They expected the other way around.”

He didn’t go and finish Ford, and he could last three minutes against the Kazakh Titan. Therefore, Gharibi may have to consider a career rethink.

His image is tarnished due to catfished photographs causing the problems. If he wants to be a boxer, it may be a case of going back to the drawing board.

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