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Deontay Wilder: Ruined or the most vicious avenger imaginable?

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Deontay Wilder is on the verge of a comeback. But will he be a ruined force or the most vicious avenger imaginable?

Wilde remains heralded as the most dangerous and destructive puncher in boxing. Of course, that was before his image took a dent on February 22, 2020.

Deontay Wilder

That’s also when a whole new Tyson Fury came calling. “The Gypsy King” repeated his win eighteen months later, although Wilder managed to salvage the best part of his reputation – his immense power.

Their first meeting between the pair had enthralled everyone. Coming off the back of a three-year layoff, Fury was getting himself back to full fitness.

Wilder, on the other hand, was “Bomb-zquading” everyone in his path. The initial contest went completely to type.

Fury dominated the rounds with his superior boxing. At the same time, Deontay Wilder looked for that one shot to end it all.

In the twelfth session, it happened. Wilder connected with one of the best thumps of his career. Fury had no right to get up. The shot would have ended 99.9 percent of heavyweights out there. But Tyson Fury is no ordinary heavyweight.

Ending in a hotly-debated draw, both men would have ample time to prepare for the second collision.

Tyson Fury rematch

Not sensing the need to change what has never failed his entire career [and why would he?], Wilder went through his usual routine.

In stark contrast, Fury hired a new team around him and completely changed his tactics. It worked a treat.

Signing with Top Rank under the guise of Bob Arum was a masterstroke. Arum told Fury to delay the rematch, get in better shape, and make his name in the United States.

After two bouts with Arum, Fury switched coaches at the last minute. Yet another game-changing move.

Under Sugarhill Steward, a man who shared the same vision as Fury’s father John about how to beat Wilder, domination ensued.

Tyson Fury knockdown Deontay Wilder
Mikey Williams

In irresistible form against an under-par and out-of-sorts Wilder, a total beatdown happened in front of a stunned capacity crowd at the MGM Grand.

Three present were WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman, his wife, and Deontay Wilder’s fiancee Telli Swift.

Everyone was stunned, not least Wilder. His resulting rants about cheating will forever be a stain on his legacy.

Will Wilder have mental scars?

Discussing the evident mental scars that may be present in Wilder and the suffering Swift, there are wonders how the former champion will deal with his back-to-back defeats.

Therefore, we could now have one of two versions of Wilder for his impending comeback to action.

That night, plus the subsequent loss, either weighs heavy on his mind and affects the rest of his time in the sport – potentially making it shorter.

Or Wilder comes back with explosive intensity to completely smash all contenders into smithereens. Wilder has the capacity, through his tremendous power, to be the most vicious avenger imaginable.

Andy Ruiz Jr., Robert Helenius, and Frank Sanchez are just three names who could find out.

Whoever Deontay Wilder faces next, it’s going to be one hot ticket.

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