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Ryan Garcia fight? – Why Gervonta Davis will stay on his own path

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Gervonta Davis facing Ryan Garcia is a complex situation. It’s not as easy as Garcia demanding the fight and transparent negotiations.

If anyone in boxing has learned anything over the years, you never second-guess Floyd Mayweather or his team.

Leonard Ellerbe, Mayweather, and the TMT background team don’t take too kindly to demands. They are usually the ones calling the shots.

Gervonta Davis resistance

Therefore, Garcia’s latest outburst got met with resistance from the get-go.

First up was Mayweather speaking to

“Ryan Garcia really wants this fight with Tank, so if you really want this fight with Tank, sacrifice,” said Mayweather.

“Oscar, we can make the fight happen. 135 is the weight class. Tank is the A-side!”

Ryan Garcia at super-lightweight

Mayweather immediately set out his stall that the fight would be on Tank’s terms. Less than 24 hours after Garcia revealed he no longer could make lightweight.

Going further on keeping Davis on his own path, Mayweather then ruled out any other fighters they don’t instigate.

“Shakur Stevenson’s a helluva fighter, Devin Haney’s a helluva fighter. But guess what? If Top Rank has Haney and Shakur, then they need to fight each other, don’t worry about Gervonta Davis. Let Tank continue to do what Tank’s doing.”

Ellerbe publicly discussed Garcia previously wanting to fight Davis before only to “move on” to what proved to be a non-existent fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Dan Rafael, working for WBN at the time, backed Garica up.

“He kind of left out the part that shortly after I reached out and we communicated, Ryan was dealing with some issues and hasn’t fought since [then].

“How the hell am I supposed to send over an offer if he’s stepped away with some personal issues?

“He was trying to get a Pacquiao fight done. So I don’t blame him for putting Tank on the back burner for that. It didnt work out, but that’s life.”

Will Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia ever fight?

Not happy with the ‘back burner’ comment, Ellerbe came swinging back at Dan.

“Tank never was on anybody’s back burner. He will never dictate anything that happens as it relates to Tank.

“If it happens down the road, it happens. Nobody is going to wait or chase him. By the way, all that talk about Pac was BS as well.

“Funny, how the Tank and his team tried to make that fight happen, part never comes up. I guess some of the media didn’t think that was a “big fight.”

Now, you only have to ask Gary Russell Jr. how callouts to Davis go down with the Mayweather team.

“Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, he’s not in a rush. Or maybe Floyd Mayweather [Davis’ promoter], Leonard Ellerbe, none of the guys, are not in a rush of putting him in the ring with me,” Russell before fighting Mark Magsayo.

Some of the behind-the-scenes goings on, coupled with Mayweather’s comments in the media, did cause some unrest with Davis.

Davis is staying at Mayweather Promotions

It was no secret that the regular WBA champion was considering moving on earlier this year.

“My contract is up. That’s why they want me to fight this clown [Rolando Romero] so bad,” said Davis before eventually agreeing on the fight.

“Lol, don’t start this,” in response to fans asking him if he’ll move on from Mayweather.

Within 24 hours, Mayweather responded with a solemn tone that sounded like he’s given up on persuading Davis to stay.

“Nothing lasts forever. I will always love Tank. I like him, love him and look at him as a son. He has to do what’s best for him,” Mayweather told

“I feel like I’ve done a great job thus far, building him and putting him in good fights, great fights. He’s steadily growing. He’s steadily learning. I’m proud of him.”

Davis eventually decided to remain a Mayweather fighter. Whether he renegotiated, any of his terms would never be aired to the public.

Don’t pressure Mayweather or Ellerbe

But despite all this and more, people never seem to learn that you don’t put pressure on Mayweather, Ellerbe, or Davis. It never works out in their favor.

The likelihood now is Garcia will fight an alternative foe later this year in a step towards a 140-pound title or even a full shot. At the same time, Gervonta Davis will prepare himself for another Pay Per View that should lead to a mandatory shot at Devin Haney – if he wants those belts in his possession.

However, you can’t even count on that being the case. Mayweather Promotions do what they do and don’t get swayed by anyone.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

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