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Heavyweight Jim Strohl destitute, homeless by choice after retiring

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World Boxing News is sad to report that heavyweight Jim Strohl is destitute and homeless just a decade after retirement.

But it’s not all bad news. Strohl chooses to live this way.


The 51-year-old was spotted by the famous Kronk Gym on social media, looking worse for wear in Las Vegas.

Boasting a sign with his boxing record of 27-9 with 21 knockouts, Strohl accepts help from anyone to keep himself fed and watered.

It’s a sad but all-too-familiar story when boxers who don’t make it to the top are financially unstable later in life.

Strohl made his own choice on the matter in his attempts to stick it to the government.

Jim Strohl

Turning pro in 1996, Strohl racked up 16 straight victories with 13 stoppages before losing to Calvin Lampkin. Strohl came storming back to reel off another seven KO’s.

His career peaked in 2005 when he fought for the NABC Heavyweight title. Facing Rob Calloway at Delta Center in Salt Lake City, Strohl went down in six rounds.

Strohl subsequently moved down to light heavyweight and lost five times in a row before walking away in 2010.

Within four years, Strohl was on the streets and had dropped out of a university course. Speaking to in an article entitled ‘Cinderella Man,’ Strohl said about his life.

After finding out his father was a Palestinian refugee and a Muslim, not Christian, Strohl had an awakening.

“That’s when I woke up and realized I’ve been misled on many things – our politics, our religion,” says Strohl.

“I picked up the Quran after finding out my dad was Muslim, and I felt it was written directly toward me. It tells you to fight against Jihad, which is fighting against the oppressor.

“When I woke up and realized who the oppressor really is, Uncle Sam Rothschild, everything changed for me.

Homeless by choice

“The government is a big Caucasian country that helps the white man destroy all the diversity and people of color. They’re serving the Illuminati.

“The Freemasonry, the Masonic Temple, the Shriners, the Odd fellows, and the Mafia. They want us to obey by putting us in debt and keeping many truths from us,” added Strohl.

“I guess I just threw the fear aside, and I jumped right in front of the bus,” says Strohl. “Our government is a fascist bus. They’re riding down the road.

“For you to run right in front of them and say stop, it’s kind of risk-taking. They’re just going to run over me.

“There are people that want me to be silent and do what? Beg on my knees begging for food stamps?

“I refuse to work for the government and help them with their lies and what they’re doing and most of all pay Uncle Sam.”

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