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Home » Hasim Rahman Jr denies having to lose 69lbs for Jake Paul fight

Hasim Rahman Jr denies having to lose 69lbs for Jake Paul fight

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Hasim Rahman Jr. moved to deny any notion that Jake Paul is making him lose a whopping 69 pounds for their fight.

Rahman Jr. responded to claims he weighed 269 pounds for one of his recent bouts.

Jake Paul’s weight stipulation

According to official recordings from an event in Mexico, Rahman’s weight was at the limit in question. However, Rahman stated, “I’ve never in my life weighed 269 lbs,” when addressing the report.

There is a video of the fight against Alejandro de la via which Rahman won via second-round knockout in February 2021. Rahman does appear to be slightly bigger than usual, but 269 does seem to be a push.

At most, Rahman was probably between 230 and 240 pounds, closer to his average weight of around 225 to 230.

Therefore, dropping twenty-five or thirty pounds doesn’t seem as bad as almost seventy.

Hasim Rahman rehydration

The weight has come up in back-and-forth conversations between Paul and Rahman, with many seeing it as a huge talking point.

Paul is not allowing Rahman to rehydrate after the weigh-in fully. The second-generation fighter has to stay below 214 pounds on the day of the Pay Per View.

Citing a potential UK PPV between sons of British legends Chris Eubank Jr. and Conor Benn and their weight differential, Paul said: “Conor Benn dirty b/c he doesn’t want Chris Eubank to have a massive size advantage fight night? No, he just wants a fair/safe fight.”

“Rahman can weigh in at any weight fight night. 200 weigh-in, 214 at noon fight-day. Any weight fight night. Stop making excuses Jr.”

Rahman clapped back: “You sound stupid, Jacob. Eubank Jr. weighed 160lbs at his last weigh-in. Benn 146.5lbs. They agree to meet at 156lbs.

“I weighed 224lbs my last weigh-in. 24lbs is a whole different story. Stop trying to spin the narrative. If you don’t feel safe in there with me, just admit it.”

Jake Paul negotiations

On how negotiations went down for the fight, Rahman added: “Tell the people how I had absolutely zero negotiation and a take it or leave it “Jake will never give you a chance to fight him again” contract.

“There was no catchweight, purse, flight, rooms, anything to be negotiated on my end.”

Paul replied: “Hasim is getting ten times more than what he got in his last fight. Every main card fighter on my MVP PPVs has made their biggest guaranteed purse of their career. And I’m just getting started. Don’t get it confused.”

Rahman stated: “Then he shouldn’t be bragging about fighting a heavyweight when that’s not the case.

“All Jake does is lie to the public. From fights to scams, to giveaways, he all cap.”

Benn vs Eubank Jr

Regarding Benn and Eubank, Paul got a surprise offer from one of the Brits.

“Yo Jake Paul, once I deal with Benn and you take care of Rahman, how about me and you go a couple of rounds?

“I’ll come in at 160. You come in at whatever weight you want. The winner gets Canelo.

“And don’t worry, I ain’t no Tommy Fury. If I say I’m going to do something, it gets done.”

Benn fired back at Eubank: “You won’t fight again after you’ve shared the ring with me. I will be your last fight!”

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