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Home » Floyd Mayweather forces Ryan Garcia’s hand on Gervonta Davis

Floyd Mayweather forces Ryan Garcia’s hand on Gervonta Davis

Floyd Mayweather forced Ryan Garcia’s hand on a potential clash with Gervonta Davis after reiterating the same problem as WBN.

World Boxing News stated as soon as Garcia wanted the fight, the biggest issue would be the weight.

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia

Garcia stated he would never fight at 135 pounds after beating Javier Fortuna. Within hours, Davis’ promoter Leonard Ellerbe had said the fight must be at 135.

Mayweather has chimed in with a similar stance, leaving Garcia with a big decision.

“The main man in the sport of boxing right now is the man that is attached to me, Gervonta’ Tank’ Davis,” Mayweather told

“That’s the only thing this kid, Ryan Garcia, that’s the only thing he knows is Tank. I want to fight Tank; I don’t care if it’s the biggest fight.’ Okay, you want to fight Tank. In boxing, we make sacrifices.

“So, we know that Tank fights at 135. If you want to fight Tank at 135, we can make it happen before the end of the year. You just fought at 135, so why can’t you fight at 135 again?

“He’s young. I could see if he was a lot older. He’s not in his 30s. When you get older, guys get older, and the weight settles in, and then you be like, ‘Okay, I can’t make the weight anymore.’

“But he’s young, and we have to make sacrifices,” added Mayweather despite Garcia vs Fortuna being at super-lightweight.

Floyd Mayweather

“If there are certain things you want in the sport of boxing, like Ryan Garcia really wants this fight with Tank. So if you really want this fight with Tank, sacrifice. We have to make sacrifices.

“Even though I knew I wasn’t a 154-pounder, I knew there were certain sacrifices that I had to make.

“Oscar De La Hoya chose the gloves, the judges, and everything. He chose the weight class; he decided everything.

“I knew I was the better fighter; I felt I was the better fighter. So I showed you all that I was the better fighter. Guess what I did? I made sacrifices.

“So if you feel like you can beat Tank, and you the better fighter, then guess what? Make sacrifices.

Weight issue

“You just fought at 135 [in January 2021 against Luke Campbell]. We can fight in 90 days if you want to. Whatever you want to do. You aren’t going to get smoked.

“Of course, Tank is the A-side. Ryan hasn’t won a world title yet. We can’t talk about no interim belt; we don’t talk about that. That doesn’t count.

“We don’t take anything away from the guy Fortuna, but he was just an opponent. I’m going to have ‘Tank’ in the best shape of his life.

“Just know, when he hit that boy [Ryan Garcia], he’s not going to wake up until next year.

“It’s crazy that everybody is calling Tank’s name. I’m so proud of Tank. I told him this was going to happen.

“We were sitting on one of the big yachts out in Miami, sitting back, talking and chilling, taking the jet skis out.

“I told him, ‘Don’t worry, before you know it, everybody is calling me out. But soon everybody is going to be calling you out.'”

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