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Eubank vs Benn: UK family feud Pay Per View makes no sense

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Chris Eubank Jr. potentially facing UK rival Conor Benn in a continuation of a long-running boxing family feud has fans scratching their heads.

In what appears to be due to low options for Eubank due to a smaller BOXXER roster, Benn is now the prime target for an all-British Pay Per View.

Eubank vs Benn

Eubank, a super-middleweight who moved down to middleweight, could face Benn [147] despite a 21-pound career weight differential.

Even though that gulf is thirteen pounds after Eubank dropped divisions, UK fans and many worldwide don’t see how the fight is fair.

Benn has power at welterweight, yes. But the only way to garner interest and give him a chance would be to make Eubank boil down further than comfortable.

Eubank calls out cruiserweights like YouTuber Jake Paul and light-heavyweights in Canelo to compound the confusion.

“Yo Jake Paul, once I deal with Conor Benn, and you take care of [Hasim] Rahman [Jr], how about me and you go a couple of rounds?

“I’ll come in at 160. You come in at whatever weight you want. The inner gets Canelo. And don’t worry, I’m not any Tommy Fury. If I say I’m going to do something, it gets done.”

Eubank vs Benn talks

That comment alone descends the entire situation into a farce. However, Benn did respond to confirm earlier reports of talks for the Eubank fight.

“You won’t fight again after you’ve shared the ring with me. I will be your last fight,” promised the undefeated Benn.

The UK certainly has an affinity with the fathers of both Eubank Jr. and Benn. Chris Eubank Sr. and Nigel Benn both hold legendary status, and rightfully so.

But pitting them together for no reason other than their dads not getting along back in the day doesn’t make sense.

No sense

Career-wise, Benn moving up to super-welterweight or beyond and Eubank coming down when they both hold world rankings in their respective divisions is madness.

They should focus on winning belts at 147 and 160, then allow Benn to move up. “The Destroyer” then has to get comfortable at 154 before they even talk about fighting.

At the moment, it’s simply just a money-grab fight to compensate for a small pool of choice at Sky Sports.

Having to fill four to six Pay Per Views per year on Sky Sports Box Office is proving a tough job for promoter Ben Shalom.

Kell Brook’s retirement ended their first choice for Eubank. However, Liam Smith would be a much better option right now for the son of a legend.

Put on hold

Leave Benn to focus on 147, and trying to win a world title is the order of the day. Sadly, money is king in boxing and always will be.

It could prove to be a hard night’s work for Benn, even against a slightly weight-drained Eubank Jr.

The rehydration clause will be critical.

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