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Home » Raging Adrien Broner lays into Al Haymon with foul-mouthed rant

Raging Adrien Broner lays into Al Haymon with foul-mouthed rant

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Adrien Broner laid into his promoter and TV executive through a foul-mouthed rant that stunned the boxing world.

Walking away from a scheduled press conference would have done him no favors with Al Haymon or Stephen Espinoza.

Adrien Broner press conference

“The Problem” bit the hand that feeds him this week as media formalities got underway for his clash against Omar Figueroa.

Broner, who has been training for over ten weeks, saw a date of July 23 turn into August 20. Broner got asked to do some media opportunities online rather than in person to compound his misery.

This decision by Haymon got to Broner, who let interview Brian Custer know how he felt in his unique way.

“I’m going to be one hundred percent honest with you, Brian. I am not with none of this s*** they’ve got going on,” pointed out Broner.

Al Haymon and Stephen Espinoza

“I feel like Al Haymon and Stephen Espinoza are bulls******* because why are we doing a press conference on the computer?

“When you got guys like – they don’t do Floyd’s [Mayweather] s*** on no f****** computer, even when he fights a YouTuber.

“They don’t do anybody else’s s*** on the computer. But they want to do my s*** on a computer. So, that’s telling me they don’t give a f*** about me.

“So, when you say it’s f*** me, it’s f*** you all. And at the end of the day, that’s what I really just came here to let you all know.”

Cincinnati’s star boxer hadn’t finished as he let rip with another gripe on the delay in getting him back in the ring.


“I see it. Anybody can see it. At this point, you all are bull********’. You all have been supposed to make this fight. You all are giving us dates. But you keep pushing our dates back.

“Come on, man, who the f*** does a six-month camp? You all are tripping. So what I’m going to do, you know, Brian, I’m going to talk to you at eleven [o’clock] on Thursday.”

After ending the facetime in just 80 seconds, Broner concluded: “So, I’m going to tell Omar to keep training his a** off. I’m trainin’ my a** off, too.

“Let’s go in there and put on a great performance. But I’m going to get the f*** up on up out of here and go back to sleep.

“Hey Brian, I’ll see you on Thursday, alright?”

Adrien Broner on The Last Stand

Adrien Broner will speak to Custer for The Last Stand Podcast, where the Showtime man will indeed delve a little deeper into what the four-weight world champion’s concerns are right now.

His career has been on the downside for some time now. Purses are certainly not where the “About Billions” man wants them to be right now.

At the same time, though, Broner has to look at his form. One win in five years is not the kind of record that can command huge fees. Activity is a big problem for Broner at the moment.

He has to beat Omar Figueroa in style and be back inside the ropes by the end of the year against a more prominent name. Another triumph would put Broner in prime position for a world title shot and another Pay Per View opportunity.

Now, whether it’s Al Haymon or Broner who is responsible for the delay in fights, we may never know. But they both need to remain on the same page to keep the world title plan in motion.

Rants like the one that transpired this week will not help Broner’s case.

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